Dangerous heat wave hitting millions of people

The excessive heat is expected to last past Independence Day.
1:28 | 07/01/18

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Transcript for Dangerous heat wave hitting millions of people
and work up the ama. We start things off with a pair of developing weather stories. The heat wave is bringing temperatures near or above 100 degrees and is expected toast through the July fourth holiday. Also breaking overnight, the flash flooding hitting the heartland now turning adly. Rob is covering it for us from lower Manhattan. Rob. Eporter: Good morning, Diane. Diane, we are looking at that building heat, some of that heat fueling some of these thunderstorms, dropping immee amounts of rain acss the state of Iowa. As you mentioned, flash flood emergency overnight in Des Moines, seven inches of in falling in a short period of time, calling for that flash flooding cars swamped in some cases, people having to be rescued. There was one fatality of a man swept through the water in his van, so a dangerous situation there. Still have a flash flood watch foparts of Iowa and we had tornados yesterday, at least five reported in the state of Nebraska there you see one in the south central portion of that state. We are going to have a severe weather threat today but the big story of course is th heat, Memphis, St. Louis, Chicago through most of the day in through Michigan, we'll see heat indexes over 100 degrees all the way down to Dallas and building tomorrow across the southeast and in towards the northeast, I-95 corridor as well. Today here in New York cy and D.C. And Hartford, even as far north as Burlington temperatures will be into the 90s if not 100 degrees in some spots and lasts right through the fourth of July holiday. Guys, back to you. Rob, thank you. We'll continue to check in with you throughout the hour.

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{"id":56293166,"title":"Dangerous heat wave hitting millions of people","duration":"1:28","description":"The excessive heat is expected to last past Independence Day.","url":"/GMA/News/video/dangerous-heat-wave-hitting-millions-people-56293166","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}