David Beckham goes from soccer player to team owner

The superstar athlete’s Inter Miami is set to make its Major League Soccer debut on Sunday, and he has high hopes for the team and the sport.
4:02 | 02/27/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for David Beckham goes from soccer player to team owner
Now to our "Gma" cover story, he is one of the most recognizable faces on the planet, David Beckham is a global soccer superstar. After a stellar career on the field including just as successful off and Amy had a chance to sit down with him and has more on his latest venture. It's a big one. We know Beckham is a worldwide juggernaut now taking on another role, team owner. The 44-year-old is part of a group that owns the newest major league soccer team inter-miami. How does it feel to finally own your own professional team? You know, it's so exciting. It's been such a long journey, you know, a journey that I actually didn't think was going to take this long, you know, seven years in the making but one that I always knew that was worth the wait. Any pressure? Do you feel the pressure that have. I actually don't feel the pressure. I know as owners we couldn't have done anything more than what we've done so I know that we're ready for this weekend. It's Beckham. Reporter: His roots were the American major league soccer go way back and joined the galaxy in 2007. It meant so much when David joined the league. He basically said to the world, this league is on the rise and America could be a great soccer nation and now to have one of the great players in the world go from the field to the boardroom, imagine how cool board meetings will be. Reporter: But David Beckham the businessman comes second to David Beckham the family man. He and his wife have four kids married 21 year. Yes, we have businesses that we are very committed to but our main priority will always be our kids. You have three sons and a daughter. None of your three sons followed in your footsteps. Was that disappointing to you at all. No, not disappointing at all. Their passions have taken them in different directions. The one thing that I'm obviously hugely proud about with mie kids is they all have their own passions for the things that they love and Harper -- She plays a little soccer. So she could be the one that goes into the game, you know. I'm never disappointed in whatever they do. Reporter: During David's years playing in L.A. He could often be seen courtside cheering on the late kobe Bryant and the Los Angeles Lakers. David sharing his feelings on kobe's death. The biggest thing I admired about kobe was not just his tenacious way of playing the game, but his love for his family. His love for his girls and it's all he ever talked about. He talked about Vanessa. He talked about his kids and how passionate they were and, you know, and that for me hit me the hardest. Reporter: Just as younger basketball players looked up to kobe, many on David's team idolized him growing up. When you show up and your team sees you there, I mean how do they react to you? Do you think it's intimidateing? Do you think they're inspired, maybe a little of both. Obviously the one thing I'd like to bring to this club is the experience that I've had from the great clubs that I've played for over the years, so I hope they're inspired. Maybe a little bit intimidated as well. That would be nice. Obviously you're now an owner. What if somehow there's some injury, they need a midfielder, would you be willing to run on the field? I don't think -- I don't know if legally that's allowed but -- I'm 44 now. I think I'm a little bit past playing at the highest level but who knows, you never know. You never know. Anything is possible. And Beckham is hoping in ten years or so the mls will be able to challenge, yes, the European knowing how determined he was to get this far took him seven years to make this all happen. I wouldn't be surprised if he turns American soccer into what it is overseas. Congrats to him. Thanks for doing that. You know, someone -- someone had to do it. A challenging day. It was a tough day for me. You're the best. Good luck to David and the team down in Miami. Awesome. Now to a "Gma" exclusive

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{"duration":"4:02","description":"The superstar athlete’s Inter Miami is set to make its Major League Soccer debut on Sunday, and he has high hopes for the team and the sport.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"69252490","title":"David Beckham goes from soccer player to team owner","url":"/GMA/News/video/david-beckham-soccer-player-team-owner-69252490"}