Deadly standoff at California Trader Joe's

One employee was killed before police apprehended a man after he entered the store and held hostages.
2:15 | 07/22/18

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Deadly standoff at California Trader Joe's
Now to the tense and deadly standoff inside a Trader Joe's. In Los Angeles Police pursued a gunman who fled into the store terrified shoppers. And then held dozens of them hostage ABC's Marcy canals is right there on the scene force this morning Marcy good morning. At Paula good morning in the storm was have to when the gunman ran and we're out here with employees who managed to quickly escape as they got that devastating news that one of their coworkers was killed. This morning the man police say calls this intense scene in custody accused of a deadly shooting spree and the holding dozens of people hostage in this Los Angeles supermarket. It look like my millimeter and I'm. Police say it started around 130 Saturday afternoon with the gunman shooting his grandmother sending timed header south LA home leaving her in critical condition. Investigators say another woman graze in the head by a bullet but then kidnapped by the suspect taking off in the grandmother's car the suspect allegedly shooting at police through the back window as officers followed him. The pursuit ending here with the stolen car crashing outside it is Trader Joe's he came out the cops were firing at him. He fired two back. The suspect shot in the arm rushing into the packed grocery store. An employee identified by family asthma lead it could run over killed it's unclear if she was caught in the cross fire or was shot by the suspect. Customers and her co workers running others desperately taking cover. I just went to survival mode was just trying to think of the best way to get myself whatever for the skater. Some proceeding but as many as fifty others held inside the store. He made it a series of demands at all times are hostage negotiators believe that they had established day and a good rapport with him. A slow stream of hostages let out with their hands raised. After three long hours around 6:30 PM the suspect requesting handcuffs from police. Putting them on and surrendering. And six people were transported from the scene here to a hospital including the suspect. The woman he's accused of kidnapping and a twelve year old boy. They are all expected to survive. Jessica thank you Marcy.

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{"id":56741837,"title":"Deadly standoff at California Trader Joe's","duration":"2:15","description":"One employee was killed before police apprehended a man after he entered the store and held hostages.","url":"/GMA/News/video/deadly-standoff-california-trader-joes-56741837","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}