Dennis Rodman reacts to deal between US, North Korea

The former NBA star, who traveled to Singapore, discusses with 'GMA' whether he thinks Kim Jong Un will uphold the document he signed with President Trump.
3:21 | 06/12/18

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Transcript for Dennis Rodman reacts to deal between US, North Korea
We are joined now by Dennis rodman fm Singapore and, Dennis, good morning to you. Thank you for joining us. We'll mp right into, my friend. You traveled to North Korea for many years. You've been very outspoken about your hopes of peace with the United States. So didou think this day would ever come? Well, I've said it from day one. I think the fact that people really didn't realize what I was actually going to North Korea for, I think people thought that what I was doing W more of a joke, more of a stunt and I was just trying spread theword, the fac that why I was going over there I pretty much liked the guy, liked the culture and he gave me opportuni to get to know him. And you're the only person -- when you speakut getting to know Kim Jong-un, you're the only person who knows him a well as president trump and why do you think this meeting is important and why was it important for you to be in Singapore? Ll, I just felt like that it almost didn't happen, you know, but I'm glad it did. I guess it gave me a little more sign of a light as far as knowing the fact I did something pretty, pretty historil as far as like bringing awareness to North Korea and some of the issues that's over there. I don't look at him as a dictator. I look at him as more like a person that really wants to try to blend in withhe world and tried to convey that to people and people looked at me like I was out of my mind and I'm not trying to take the credit. I've always said that to everyone in the world. I said if trump wants the credit, he can take all the credit. He can have it all. I just want Tok and said it to Obama and he blew me off and said I was a laughingstock. I didn't know what I was doing and I kept trying to tell people that he really wants to talk. He really wants to try T connect with the world especily America. You said you've spoken with the white house. Who did you speak with and what was discussed? Well, I guess the press secretary, she called and was conveying that trump was Ver pleased and very happy with the things I had been saying about our country and about him. I'm justing to speak just love throuout no matter what the situation is and I never wanted to step on anyone's toes. Dennis, I knowou talk about Kim Jong-un in glowing terms but at the end of the day he is a dictator and been accused of some horrible crimes against his ownpeople, againstis own family. Do you think he's willing to change wn it ces to human righ because that's a big part ofhis, as well. Well, that's just a matter of time. I just think that people think this is -- thiseace treaty or whatever you wanto call it, the summit was going to change something overnight, no, I never said that. I just saidpen the door. He wants to talk. You know, it takes time to try to heal a wounds. We can't put band-aids on certain things now and try to make it heal. We got to go from the ground up now and start now. And, Dennis, we appreciate you making it work and jning us here this morning fm Singapore. Nnis rodman, thank you so much, myfrie. Thank you, guys. He really believe there's hope. Yep.

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{"id":55831904,"title":"Dennis Rodman reacts to deal between US, North Korea","duration":"3:21","description":"The former NBA star, who traveled to Singapore, discusses with 'GMA' whether he thinks Kim Jong Un will uphold the document he signed with President Trump.","url":"/GMA/News/video/dennis-rodman-reacts-deal-us-north-korea-55831904","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}