New details on rescue of 13-year-old Jayme Closs

Plus, Elizabeth Smart, who survived being held captive, explains what Closs might be going through in the first few days back with her family.
5:37 | 01/14/19

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Transcript for New details on rescue of 13-year-old Jayme Closs
about his secret health struggle. The late eon Wisconsin teen Jayme Closs, thankfully, she's back home this morning after being held captive for nearly three month. The man accused of kidnapping her and murdering her parents is do you in court today. Alex Perez has the details. Reporter: That hearing takes place in a second floor courtroom. Jayme finished her first weekend with family since her courageous escape. This morning, a first look at the cabin where Jayme Closs was kept during her three-month ordeal. In photos as seen on the daily A basement room shown with a dirty mattress and bedding on the floor. Children's toys and backpacks seen piled up. Overnight, Closs' family speaking up. You can tell she's not quite the same. Reporter: The teen reunited with her family on the Friday. One day after escaping from this isolated home in Gordon, Wisconsin, 70 miles away from wr she disappeared. I was the first one she gave a hug to. I was standing in hi daughter, Jennifer's hallway. She gave me a hug. I gave her a hug. Reporter: Details of her harrowing escape emerging. Thursday afternoon, Jeanne nutter was walking her dog. Jayme approached her. She was crying. She said, I need help. I don't know where I am. I'm lost. Please help me. As I got closer to her, she just kind of grabbed on to me. It's really icy. She said, I'm Jayme. Reporter: Nutter taking her to a neighbor's to call 911. Minutes later, based on a dripgs by Jayme, authorities's hepded the suspect, who police say was out looking for her. Why do we think this suspect targeted Jayme and her family? The why is the question. I just know that she was the target of Mr. Patterson. He didn't know the losses. Reporter: The 21-year-old murder and kidnapping suspect, Jake patter sop, set to appear in court today. Investigators struggle to figure out why he would take Jayme Closs after her parents were killed. Reporter: Now home with her family. Jayme's long road to recovery begins. An experience she shares with Elizabeth smart, who in 2003 was kidnapped and held hostage for nine months. Smart posting let's all try to remember that this young woman has survived. And whatever other details may surface the most important will still remain that she is alive. And we may finally learn some possible details and a motive once prosecutors file a criminal complaint today. The suspect's attorney says he will not ept ear plea today. Robin? Alex, thank you. I Elizabeth smart, a child advocate joins us now. Thank you so very much for being with us. What were your initial thoughts when you heard Jayme had been found alive? I was so happy. It just was the -- big, huge reminder there are so many children out there waiting to be found. I'm so happy that Jayme was found alive. We need to continue to think about that. You have done end less work in that regard. You have a unique perspective. What possibly could Jayme be going through in the early days back with her family? Right now, at this point in time, I feel like it's very, very vital for her to rebuild those relationships with family. Because unfortunately, her family was brutally torn apart. This is just a very important time to try to rebuild, to come together again. To -- to start afresh. To try to create a new Normal. Because, unfortunately, there is no going back to the old Normal. There's only a new Normal. You can understand why officials are saying, they are giving her all the time she needs. To tell her story. And that's the right path to take, suspect it? Absolutely. Emp should be giving her as much time and space as she needs. If she doesn't want to talk, then think that's her complete prerogative. You wrote that beautifully in your Instagram. Don't speculate about the details of her captivity. That is so important to keep in mind, isn't it? Absolutely. I can't speculate. I can only go off my own experiences. And a lot of the things that I went through, I was very embarrassed of. I was ashamed of. Didn't want people to know what I had been through. I can only imagine that she, too, feels the same way. And you said, this does not have to be a defining moment for her. Just like it was not for you. How can she recover? What help can you her? It's so easy to feel that this is going to define me for the rest of my life. This is going to be all anyone ever knows me for. I know I have felt that way. But, I want her to know that -- this doesn't have to be that. Beautifully said. Elizabeth smart, thank you so much. We're glad you're doing as well as you are. We know that gives Jayme's family hope as well. You take care, thank you. Thank you, robin. You, too. And Elizabeth said getting the message out. We cannot forget about all the missing children and hopefully that they can have that kind of reuniyop as Jayme has with her family. Coming up, new flu numbers from the CDC as the through

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{"duration":"5:37","description":"Plus, Elizabeth Smart, who survived being held captive, explains what Closs might be going through in the first few days back with her family.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"60358085","title":"New details on rescue of 13-year-old Jayme Closs","url":"/GMA/News/video/details-rescue-13-year-jayme-closs-60358085"}