Disgruntled employee opens fire at VA Beach municipal building: Police

At least 12 people were killed before the alleged gunman was shot to death during a long gun battle with responding police officers.
6:39 | 06/01/19

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Transcript for Disgruntled employee opens fire at VA Beach municipal building: Police
we begin with the tragedy in Virginia Beach. A gunman opening fire inside a municipal building and killing a dozen people before being taken out in a gun battle with police. It's the deadliest mass shooting this year. And overnight police were at the suspected gunman's home as the investigation is just getting under way. Whit Johnson is on the ground heading up our team coverage on the attack stunning that community and this country and, whit, we're learning more about the gunman and his alleged motive but also how people got out alive. Reporter: Absolutely. Good morning to you both. Another devastating mass shooting in this country. This community in mourning as we learn new details about the shooter and the carnage he left behind. I want to show you the scene behind me here. That is building number 2 over my left shoulder. You can see the caution tape, the police cars blocking the scene off. Here's what we know right now, 13 people including the gunmen are confirmed dead in the attack. At least four others injured and the gunman has been identified as a longtime public utilities employee. Police say he was killed in an extended gun battle with responding officers who by all accounts likely saved more lives. Gunshot wound, Reporter: Carnage, at least 12 victims dead. Several more hospitalized after police say a gunman with a grudge carried out a bloody rampage. We were all just terrified. We almost kind of felt like it wasn't real. Reporter: Police say around 4:00 P.M. Friday a wave of commotion erupted, bullets disrupting the end of an otherwise typical workweek. We heard shooting but didn't think it was that close like in proximity of the building. Reporter: Law enforcement sources identifying the suspect as 40-year-old Dewayne craddock. Police say he began his murder spree in the parking lot killing a victim in their car before entering the building where he would gun down multiple co-workers indiscriminately. Still actively hearing gunshots. Shots fired, shots fired. Second floor. Reporter: Employees shaken. I heard a bunch of screams or what sounded like screams and I looked out the window and I saw a bunch of people running in one direction. Reporter: Others barricading themselves in nearby offices. There was probably about 20 of us in an office. Reporter: The building just one of a sprawling complex of city offices and agencies that deal with public utilities and public works for the city. Police say the suspect navigated his way through multiple floors. When officers arrived on scene they quickly became targets. The best I could describe it, there was a long-term gun battle for police officers. Reporter: Confronting the shooter in building 2 of the campus. Police now describing that scene as a war zone. One officer shot and injured saved by his bulletproof vest. We have the shooter isolated in a stairwell on the east side of the second floor. Reporter: Police eventually injuring the shooter who later succumbed to his wounds. Federal law enforcement descending on the scene now joining the investigation. The Virginia Beach community heartbroken. This is the most devastating day in the history of Virginia Beach. Reporter: But standing strong. This day will not define Virginia Beach. We will come together. We will show the strength of our city. Reporter: Ed Weiden is joining me now. You're a city employee. You've worked here for 18 years. You were here when the shots rang out yesterday. Tell me what you saw, what you heard. Well, a co-worker and myself were the lobby of the first floor and heard a popping sound. The co-worker turned and said, did someone fall and he said, yeah. We ran to the staircase and there was a lady on the bottom of the stairs covered in blood. And another co-worker ran upstairs and was totally -- there was an active shooter upstairs on the second floor and got myself out the building and the fire alarm went off, that's when we found out there was a former worker who was upset. Reporter: When you first heard those words that there is an active shooter in the building, what was your initial reaction? I thought it was a disgruntled citizen or something upset about his tax bill or water bill. Never thought it would be an employee that you talk to daily. Here you are in the moment you actually saw a victim on the ground. What did you do? Did you hide? I just skedoodled away like I was supposed to and she came down and said there was an active shooter, get out of the building. Like I said, we walked out the middle of the door because we didn't know where he was but this lady was shot in the stairwell so we figured he was close by. Just went out the door of the building. But you were hearing the shots. Heard a pop -- a couple pop of sounds. It was a lot of noise. It was definitely a gunshot, though. How would you characterize the scene, other employees running for cover. We understand that people were hiding in office rooms. Well, upstairs, a lot of people pushed the desks down to keep the guy from coming in. Some on the first floor went to officers and locked themselves in there so their reaction was hide behind the door which should have been leave the building. When I heard that there was an active shooter, I went to a phone to try to dial 911 and try to get the sheriff who is usually in building 1 but by the time I did that, I just grabbed my phone. That's when the fire alarm out. You can't just make an announcement there's a shooter in the building and everybody leave so it was scary. It was scary. At what point did you know it was all over? After you got out of the building, what activity did you see from police responding? When we walked -- well, we never knew if it was over because there was constantly movement. When they walked -- when they walked us over to the courthouse and took our names and addresses and statements and we were allowed to go. How do you recover from something like that? It's a building where you worked for 18 years. What will it be like to come back to work. It's going to be hard. A stairway. A hallway where officers used to visit. I guess it's just now settled in but I don't think you ever recover from that. Ed, our thoughts are with you. Thank you. And your co-workers and thank you for your time. New details emerging about the

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{"duration":"6:39","description":"At least 12 people were killed before the alleged gunman was shot to death during a long gun battle with responding police officers.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"63418479","title":"Disgruntled employee opens fire at VA Beach municipal building: Police ","url":"/GMA/News/video/disgruntled-employee-opens-fire-va-beach-municipal-building-63418479"}