Eiffel Tower reopens after coronavirus shutdown

Visitors to the iconic landmark will have to take the stairs instead of elevators, social distance and wear face masks as part of new safety measures.
2:53 | 06/25/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Eiffel Tower reopens after coronavirus shutdown
We are back now on "Gma." A live look at the re-opening of the eiffel tower. One of the world's most popular tourist attractions welcoming visitors ending its longest closure wince World War II. The big headline also, it may be a while before Americans can enjoy it again. Maggie Rulli right there in good morning, Maggie. Reporter: Hey, Cecilia. Good morning. It is this site on so many American bucket lists. In a given year normally about 7 million people come to see it. Now, obviously this year has not been a normal year. But, guy, today, we are getting a little glimpse of hope because of right now the eiffel tower is back open. The city of light is coming out of months of darkness as a symbolic heart of Paris re-opens. The eiffel tower now welcoming back tourists after its longest closure since the second world War. A seventh of what they would normally see. You have to take the stairs. There's 674 of them. I'd do it again. Reporter: As part of post-covid protocol elevators closed. More than 1300 markings have been added. High touch areas cleaned every two hours and all visitors over 11 years old must wear masks. Today's grand re-opening is being celebrated as a sign of progress and it's one Europe is desperate to hold on to considering a ban on visitors from the U.S. Citing concerns over America's high case numbers. With lockdown now over in France, Parisian cafes are spilling onto the sidewalks making more room for tables. But parisians out on the town don't make up for international tourists. As the world's most visited country, the hospitality industry here has been hit hard. Already reporting 9.6 billion in losses. To survive many say they need tourists and what they really need are Americans. The year 2020 is over for us. So right now you're normally at full capacity. How many are booked tonight? Tonight we have one room booked. Reporter: This man is the manager of this hotel. Without American tourists they're not sure what they'll do. How important are they to your business. About 80% of our clients. Wow. It's Americans who come back. Reporter: They told us their big message for Americans right now, please come back. Please come visit Paris and there might be some hope. The U.S. Government says they're in talks with the eu and they're very confident they'll have some type of compromise. Hopefully soon you can come up here, visit me. We can go to the eiffel tower you bring the baguette, I'll bring the cheese hopefully. Who is bringing the wine? I'll handle the wine. You got the wine. Thanks, Maggie. Wish we could be with you. One of my favorite cities. Stay right there because

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{"duration":"2:53","description":"Visitors to the iconic landmark will have to take the stairs instead of elevators, social distance and wear face masks as part of new safety measures.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"71444305","title":"Eiffel Tower reopens after coronavirus shutdown","url":"/GMA/News/video/eiffel-tower-reopens-coronavirus-shutdown-71444305"}