Eyewitnesses describe deadly duck boat accident

Trent Behr and Allison Lester were on a nearby docked boat in Branson, Missouri, when they saw the duck boat capsize, killing at least 11 people.
2:58 | 07/20/18

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Transcript for Eyewitnesses describe deadly duck boat accident
Thank you. Joinus is Trent Behr and his girliend Allison Lester who were on the sce when the boat went downidverything they could to help. We really areciate both of you joining uss ring. Trent, can you start uy telling -- descrg what Y saw, what you experienced. , I can do th so, when we showed up to T E got onto the boat a its windy, it STA pick some wind and decided to take a little tour kind of look around where we were going be E and stuff andactuallyd out a window and we saw the two ckoats kind of struggling in E waterndhat's when Allison said, W should take a video of this ort least take a picture or something so weoo video then we got back to our seat and it ybe twoinutes later and we actually heard T captain say that the boat flied or the boat sinking so all of thestaff, all of the waiters, life jacket,aed running up and down the aisles helping a M as they could. Decided,okay, we just can't stand heanymor we need to go help so went Toth of the boat andot of the staff was kind of at the front and the captain was kind of signaling some oer ships to around a got some people who were water picked up in a boat anyon het off to help someonelse as we were there, W saw wt was a green pu of float by and then tually we actually saw a youngady who was laying in the water. At thatoint I ran down the stairs because we were on the Evel helpinger passengers who jump I the lake to help S her a well as other staff members W G -- wh in the water. Blessr heart. We eventually did pull her up. Thank we did eventually pull her up the boat. She was unconsous. We - I was about Rea to STA cpr and the emt did show up at thtime. I know you were doing everything you co Allison, a lot of people are wonderingas a stormhat came up suddenly had the weather been bad all what was the weather conditions that day? Today it was actlly a really nice day out. It was really hot and the weather seemed nic a sunny when we got to the boat ands wee getting -- ladin to showboat that'shen weather picked up and the wind pickedp bad and debris was flying everyere and jt the waves were really rouo it was just suddenly and out of nowhere of where lik that. Trendallison, thank youry much for your time and no one eve kws what they'll do or how they'll R when they see a situation like that and to know you did everyth Y could be of assistance, so thank you very much to you both. Take .

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{"duration":"2:58","description":"Trent Behr and Allison Lester were on a nearby docked boat in Branson, Missouri, when they saw the duck boat capsize, killing at least 11 people.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"56707128","title":"Eyewitnesses describe deadly duck boat accident","url":"/GMA/News/video/eyewitnesses-describe-deadly-duck-boat-accident-56707128"}