Family of Jayme Closs kidnapping suspect speaks out

The grandfather of Jake Patterson, accused of kidnapping Closs and killing her parents, described their family as "absolutely heartbroken" and said, "Nobody had any clue."
2:23 | 01/16/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Family of Jayme Closs kidnapping suspect speaks out
No to the latest on Jayme Closs. The family of the 21-year-old accused of killing her parents and holding her captive for nearly three months is now speaking out as we learn more about her dramatic escape. Now we go to Wisconsin where Alex Perez has more. Good morning, Alex. Reporter: Good morning, Michael. Jake Patterson's family says he never had mental health issues growing up. His mother in shock after learning of his arrest initially hoped authorities had confused him with someone sells. Reporter: A new look at the man accused of kidnapping Jayme Closs and murdering her parents, new images from the daily mail showing him in high school isolated while classmates take a group photo. Yet seen in this photo roughhousing with a friend. Dylan fisher, a childhood friend of his, shocked. Everybo liked him. He was a good student. He was pretty happy for the most part. Reporter: The family breaking their silence. His grandfather telling ABC news, something went terribly wrong. Nobody had any clue. We are absolutely heartbroken. It's wrenching to deal with. Adding that his grandson was shy and quiet. He backed off from crowds but a nice boy, polite. Computer games were more of a priority than social interaction. You did cause the death of Denise J. Closs. Reporter: Prosecutors painting a more sinister picture calling him a cold-blooded killer who chose a 12-gauge shotgun because it would inflict the most damage and burning Jayme's clothing and forcing her under his bed boxing her in with laundry totes and barbells. You did carry jlc from one place to another without that person's consent and with intent to cause the victim to be secretly confined. Reporter: Patterson's family struggling to understand what went wrong. His father and brother silent as they left the courthouse holding hands. Loved ones saying his mother initially hoped authorities had confused her son with someone else. Jayme, this morning, back home recovering. Patterson has been transferred to a jail in a neighboring county. He still is being held in isolation. He could face additional charges in the county where Jayme was held captive. Thanks so much. Hearing details just so chilling.

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{"duration":"2:23","description":"The grandfather of Jake Patterson, accused of kidnapping Closs and killing her parents, described their family as \"absolutely heartbroken\" and said, \"Nobody had any clue.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"60413679","title":"Family of Jayme Closs kidnapping suspect speaks out","url":"/GMA/News/video/family-jayme-closs-kidnapping-suspect-speaks-60413679"}