FBI joins investigation into deadly ambush in Mexico

ABC News has learned Mexican authorities are still working with relatives of the nine American victims to gather clues.
2:45 | 11/12/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for FBI joins investigation into deadly ambush in Mexico
Now new developments in that deadly ambush in Mexico. The government says it has detained people in connection with the attack that left nine Americans dead and now the FBI says it will assist in the investigation. Tom llamas is tracking the very latest. Good morning, Tom. Reporter: That's right but also so far no details about those arrested or how they're connected. This as the families are getting some relief with news the U.S. Wants to bring the killers to justice. This morning, the FBI getting involved in the investigation into that ram bush attack in Mexico. Mexico's president publicly inviting the FBI to assist in their investigation and now the agency saying in a statement they're committed to, quote, help bring justice to the perpetrators of this heinous act of violence. More than a week later and authorities still haven't said exactly who was behind the attack that took the lives of three women and six children. This as we're learning Mexican authorities are still working with the victims' relatives to gather clues. Overnight the family of rohnita Miller killed along with her four children meeting with investigators. Want to find the people who did this to my sister and her children. But they much more want us to fight the drug cartels in general because there will always be another group to take their place. Reporter: The family thinks the massacre was the work of drug cartels and they say in this part of Mexico the narcos have more power than the government. David lost his wife and two sons and left the country out of fear for his family. I believe in forgiveness but I believe in justice. Justice, you don't get justice too much in Mexico. Reporter: His son Devin surviving the shooting inside one of the family's SUVs that was attacked remembering the weapons used and what the hit men were wearing. Yeah, there were big guns an they were wearing masks. Reporter: Devin who helped rescue his wounded brothers and sisters asking the same question everyone wants to know. Why? Just why? Why would you do that? Reporter: Now one of the concerns we heard overnight from family members was they want the men who did this arrested but say this problem is even bigger than their own tragedy. They describe the cartels as terrorists who will keep regrouping until more significant is done to root them out but, guy, they are reassured this morning the FBI is getting the problem is it's been almost a week now. You spent some time in that area. What is it like. There's nothing there. One of the experts told us that the closest military base is three hours away. That the checkpoints a lot of times before this happened were done by the cartels so imagine trying to drive into your community and the cartels are the ones checking you out. They're in complete control. Okay, Tom, thanks very much.

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{"duration":"2:45","description":"ABC News has learned Mexican authorities are still working with relatives of the nine American victims to gather clues.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"66933844","title":"FBI joins investigation into deadly ambush in Mexico","url":"/GMA/News/video/fbi-joins-investigation-deadly-ambush-mexico-66933844"}