Final preparations for Trump's salute to America

The president's Fourth of July event at the Lincoln Memorial will include the Blue Angels fighter jets
2:30 | 07/04/19

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Transcript for Final preparations for Trump's salute to America
On this fourth of July final preparations are under way for president trump's "Salute to America" event at the Lincoln memorial as he faces growing questions about the cost and who will fill the seats. ABC's Stephanie Ramos is on the parade route in Washington with more on that story. Stephanie, good morning. Reporter: Whit, good morning. Last-minute preparations under way right here on the national mall for president trump's personal fourth of July celebration. The president calling it the show of a lifetime from military bands to the blue angel fighter jets set to fly over the mall and the Bradley fighting vehicles on display already in front of the Lincoln memorial. The president is defending his takeover of d.c.'s traditional festivities which take place as planned. As for president trump's "Salute to America," his show will start at 6:30 eastern time right here at the Lincoln memorial. Now, the president's opponents say he's turning a traditionally nonpartisan event into a military terrorized celebration of himself while using the troops and their military hardware as political props. Now, the administration insists the event is about patriotism and not politics. It is open to the public although vip tickets have been given to the Republican national committee to hand out and to top donors as well. The guests will watch from the bleachers right over my shoulder really close to the presidential podium, whit. Stephanie, the big question many are asking. How much is this going to cost the taxpayers? Reporter: That's right. As for the price tag, the national park service is reportedly diverting $2.5 million from improvement projects. The Pentagon hasn't put a number on its contribution and the white house is not saying what the price tag is on all of this but the president did tweet yesterday writing the cost of our great salute to America will be very little compared to what it's worth. Back over to you. Stephanie Ramos, thanks so much. Cecilia. Whit, the president is also facing a setback this morning on immigration over funding for his border wall. A federal appeals court in San Francisco agreeing to block Pentagon money from being used to build that wall. This defies the president's national emergency declaration back in February. This as now new images are emerging from inside those detention centers. This one from children separated from their parents, the drawings released by pediatricians show people behind -- you can see them, bars and cages. And the president has a new message for migrants. He tweeted if they're unhappy with the desense center condition, quote, tell them not to come and we'll turn now to

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{"duration":"2:30","description":"The president's Fourth of July event at the Lincoln Memorial will include the Blue Angels fighter jets ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"64128912","title":"Final preparations for Trump's salute to America","url":"/GMA/News/video/final-preparations-trumps-salute-america-64128912"}