Flood-damaged cars a growing danger: Report

In the wake of historic hurricanes, a new report warns 150,000 flood-damaged cars have snuck back onto the market in the past year.
2:47 | 10/26/18

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Transcript for Flood-damaged cars a growing danger: Report
We move to our "Gma" cover story and an alert about flood cars on the roads in the wake of historic hurricanes like Harvey and Irma and a new report warns 150,000 damaged cars have snuck back onto the market. Whit Johnson is at a salvage yard with more on that story. Good morning. Reporter: Robin, good morning to you and when hurricanes strike they end up here. Half a million of these vehicles are still out there driving around. The owners might not even know it. Experts say you have to do your research to make sure you don't end up with one of these in your driveway. Thousands of cars submerged in underwater disaster Zones seemingly consumed by hurricanes Harvey and Irma last year but this morning driver, beware. Experts warning many of these washed up vehicles are hitting roads in lots across the country. Over the past year there's been a 47% spike of cars that have returned to the road that were previously flooded. Reporter: Used car tracking service carfax says 150,000 flood cars popped up in just the past year. It's going to co-rode the mechanical system and short the electrical system and impact the safety system to where your air bags and anti-lock brakes may not work when you need them. Reporter: Carfaekts shows us much a five-hour makeover this damaged car looks shiny and new. Look at these before and afters of the trunk. These cars may look fine but inside could be massive damage. We found out the carpet was damp and tried to wet vac it. Reporter: Bob says he was approached by several customers. You're not going to divulge that information to us because it will decrease the value of their vehicle. Reporter: Trying to trade in cleaned up flood-damaged cars but he caught them and carfax says these cars often aren't being sold in flood Zones. Many of these could be moved hundreds if not thundershowers of miles away from where the flooding happened and resold anywhere. Some to people that have no idea that that car was flooded. Reporter: With a busy hurricane season they're expecting more. As long as we continue to see severe storms and historic hurricanes like we've had over the last several years, we're evenly going to see these cars increase. Reporter: And with thousands of these damaged vehicles out there in circulation here's what you need to do to make sure you don't end up with a piece of junk. Check under the hood for rust. Get it inspected by a reputable mechanic and get a history report. Carfax is simple. Get the vin number and plug it in. Thanks so much. Now to our series "Get the job."

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{"duration":"2:47","description":"In the wake of historic hurricanes, a new report warns 150,000 flood-damaged cars have snuck back onto the market in the past year.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"58766642","title":"Flood-damaged cars a growing danger: Report","url":"/GMA/News/video/flood-damaged-cars-growing-danger-report-58766642"}