Good Samaritans save driver from overturned truck

Orlando Hernandez, 32, describes how people rushed to save his life after his pickup truck blew a tire and flipped over on a highway outside of Chicago.
2:13 | 07/23/19

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Transcript for Good Samaritans save driver from overturned truck
We switch gears to an amazing rescue on a highway caught on camera outside Chicago. Good samaritans rushing to save a driver after his pickup truck spun out of control and flipped over pinning him inside. This morning we are now hearing from the driver himself. T.J. Holmes is here with more on this, good morning. Good morning. We're hearing from the driver, not from his hospital bed because they don't give you one of those if you just have a couple of scratches which is all he had from this accident. Look, the accident itself is only one of two extraordinary scenes we're go to show you. The second one is the rescue. Good samaritans show up and cut him out of the vehicle but before they could do that, they had to physically use that human strength to flip that truck on its side. Watch what happens as a news helicopter covering traffic captures the moment an accident happens. That small maroon pickup truck blows a tire. I knew right away at that instant, okay, something bad is going to happen to me. Reporter: The driver, 32-year-old construction worker Orlando Hernandez loses control. Hernandez was then trapped inside. The only thing I could think about was checking myself. Seeing that I'm okay. Reporter: But now look at what happens next. A number of good samaritans stop to help. One man was shouting, oh, my god, let's get him out of there. Are you okay? Are you conscious. Reporter: At first they try to pry the door open to get Hernandez out but when this didn't work they decide to put their backs into it. In all 14 men pushed the truck onto its side. Once the truck was on its side the men were able to break the windshield. I just told hem, I need to get out. I need to get out of here so afterwards I told them just to cut the seat belt off and I would be able to climb out. Fortunately, I did. Reporter: Hernandez escaped with just a few scrapes and bruises and has a message for his rescuers. In case they're watching I want to say thank you to them because they really are like my guardian angels. It doesn't matter what, you know, for example, what nationality, what creed you are, all of us are humans and we have to help one another. Some of the guys that stopped were construction workers. One was an off-duty fireman and had tools to get him out. Psa for seat belts, there you go. He was wearing one and walked away. We needed a story like that. Thank you, T.J. Coming up we have our ABC

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{"duration":"2:13","description":"Orlando Hernandez, 32, describes how people rushed to save his life after his pickup truck blew a tire and flipped over on a highway outside of Chicago. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"64504153","title":"Good Samaritans save driver from overturned truck","url":"/GMA/News/video/good-samaritans-save-driver-overturned-truck-64504153"}