2 great white sharks seen off Cape Cod

A drone flew over the coast of Cape Cod and recorded what is believed to be the first footage ever of two great white sharks interacting.
2:43 | 07/10/19

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Transcript for 2 great white sharks seen off Cape Cod
Back now with video sending shark lovers into a frenzy. A drone flying off the coast of cape cod capturing what is believed to be the first footage ever of two great white sharks will reeve is in -- interacting. You see those air quotes in Chatham, Massachusetts, with more. Some might think that's more than interacting, will. Reporter: Amy, great white sharks tend to swim alone so this footage is really unprecedented and it's giving researchers insight into those sharks' behavior as researchers grow more concerned as shark sightings increase around the country. As shark sightings around the country increase this morning a groundbreaking never before seen moment caught on camera. What looks like a great white skirmish. I found the one shark which I followed for probably 15 minutes and then that's when the other shark came in the picture and interacted with each other. Reporter: Nate Jensen filmed two white sharks with a drone off the waters over cape cod. Watch as a second shark begins to emerge from behind quickly swimming toward the other's right fin, they swim in a circle then part ways. It excites researchers giving them a glimpse into the animal's I believe one was probably coming into the other shark's territory but at first when I saw it I thought it was more of an aggressive stance. Oh, my god. Reporter: This sighting just the latest of many this summer along the east coast with this massive great white spotted off New Jersey. Oh, my goodness. Reporter: And in Myrtle Beach this four-foot shark swimming in the surf feet from a family. A photo of this shark right behind children playing in the water went viral. I screamed at my wife closer to the kids to get everybody out of the water. Reporter: More than a dozen sharks have been spotted on the cape. As researchers come to study the animals public. Officials are concerned. In some areas I think it would be appropriate to put shark netting. We need to do with it more forcefully and take the more seriously and enact legislation for the sake of public safety. Reporter: As for those dozens of shark sightings off cape cod we're hoping there are more today far away from swimmers at the beach, of course, but by the boat that we'll be getting on in this marina in Chatham joining shark researchers to find some shark, tag them. We'll have and airplane flying above us to spot them and we'll have that coming your way later this week, guy. Just stay in the boat. I will. I will. Thanks. I've got no ideas on getting out. Good for you. He's been on shark patrol for us all summer long. We have our "Play of the

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{"duration":"2:43","description":"A drone flew over the coast of Cape Cod and recorded what is believed to be the first footage ever of two great white sharks interacting.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"64235470","title":"2 great white sharks seen off Cape Cod","url":"/GMA/News/video/great-white-sharks-off-cape-cod-64235470"}