Hero stops thief targeting elderly bank customers

A good Samaritan rushes to the rescue to thwart an alleged robber.
1:40 | 03/03/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Hero stops thief targeting elderly bank customers
Well, listen to this one. This will make you smile. A hero rushes to the rescue to thwart an alleged robber. This is a good one, guys. First disclaimer. Kids, don't try this at home. Second disclaimer, bad guys, don't mess with shake. Reporter: When a good samaritan witnessed two elderly men being robbed, he acted more like a superhero than a mild-mannered nice guy. I jump in front of the car and hit the car, boom, boom, boom, boom. Get out of the car. Get out of the car. Reporter: He goes by the name shake which is fitting because he says when he saw the robbery outside this Miami area atm, it was the alleged robber who got shook. I get him on the ground and hold him down, put my knee in his back and his hand behind his back. Ain't no moving. Reporter: Shake rushed in to help the senior citizens he says were being mugged. That could have been my granddaddy, my grandma, anybody. Reporter: His quick action stopped the suspect from getting away. He's still trying to squirm and I get in his back pocket and get his I.D. Reporter: Witnesses joined in and they were even able to give the money back to those two men. Is there a weapon involved here anywhere? Did he have a weapon? You don't see these Roy Jones jr.s right here? Stay humble, shake. Stay humble. Roy Jones Jr. Roy Jones Jr. Police say the man shake took down was arrested for battery, attempted robbery among other charges and I'm sure those two seniors were so thankful. Absolutely. Shake was there. Shake and bake. Everyone needs a shake in your life. I love that he was, like, that could have been my grandmother or grandfather. It's true. Even in the middle of subduing the suspects, he was reaching for the I.D. Wanted to cover all the bases. I was thinking that. How did he know it was in his back pocket? He patted him down and got him

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{"duration":"1:40","description":"A good Samaritan rushes to the rescue to thwart an alleged robber.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"61440081","title":"Hero stops thief targeting elderly bank customers","url":"/GMA/News/video/hero-stops-thief-targeting-elderly-bank-customers-61440081"}