Hero teacher who disarmed school shooter speaks out

Jason Seaman, 29, is out of the hospital after he took three bullets to save his seventh-grade students at Noblesville West Middle School in Indiana.
2:48 | 05/29/18

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Transcript for Hero teacher who disarmed school shooter speaks out
And this morning, T hero teacher inther school shooting is speaking out, Jason seaman tookhree bullets to ve his snts in Indiana fr. Now he is out of the hospital and he is telling his S for the first time. S Adrienne Bankert I here with more. Good morning, Adrienne. Reporter: Goorning. This is a really feel-goo story, mich we've talking about the fact there have been M school shootings and deaths and injuries in 2018 than last year but for Thi community, W thecover from the sho of violence they're celebrating this teacs heroic S. Everybody doing all T? Reporter: Tears and smiles of gratitude on ee's faces. If it weren't for him, you that could have been so much worse. Heerally risked his life for us. Reporter:s the reunite with man they say saved their lives. 29-year-old saysseaman. My actions that day were the only acceptable action could done given the circumstances. I de care for M students and their well-being. All , active shooter,noblesville middle school. Eporter: When entered and starting ooting, an threw a basketball at him as a diverse.then ran toward the bullets knocking the G from his H and tackling the shooter to ground.sean shot three times in the process. He wouldays talkbout like if thisver happened, he'd ke- Ethanstonebreaker was inside that classroom and spoke our Alex Perez. Oh, my god,e love you so . School held a fund-rais at this baseball game F his Mel casts along with 13-year-old Ella whistler also shot that day a critically red. Says she is improving. Her cou a strength at Su a young age is nothing short of remarkable. Reporter: And that's at the city is saying about Mr. Aman for showing such bravery. The school rai mor than $10,000 F seaman and Ella's medical bills a have been other nd-raising efforts to raise moreoney for him. They're really thankful. Etting the hero'satment elsewhere. He isike a superhero. Already up and walking around. His moment indycar drivers and theiruests during the victebration stopped to applaud seaman Andis act of courage. There he is theeing very uh uh-h. D it'sot about me but I Doto say I did the right thand it was a he could do He saved LIV for re. Deservellhe acowledgement that he's gettinat he can stand.ore to come. More to me, exactly. Adrienne, thank you vy much. We move on to the emoonal

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{"duration":"2:48","description":"Jason Seaman, 29, is out of the hospital after he took three bullets to save his seventh-grade students at Noblesville West Middle School in Indiana.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"55500115","title":"Hero teacher who disarmed school shooter speaks out","url":"/GMA/News/video/hero-teacher-disarmed-school-shooter-speaks-55500115"}