High-stakes Ohio special election too close to call

President Trump declared victory already but the Republican candidate has a razor-thin lead in what should have been an easy victory in the Republican district.
3:29 | 08/08/18

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Transcript for High-stakes Ohio special election too close to call
quickly. Can see We move to politics. Lots of relt th big prize a house seat in oh so close official result has not bee called. But presidt trump and the Republicans are claiming victory.t's bring in Jon K D, Jon, the GOP mayqueak win, but the fact it's this close, a rl warning sign for theme November. Orure is a Republican candidate in Ohio will probay eke O arrow victory, but the closeness O is a signal of big problems ea republans. With ad of lshan a percentaoint, Troy balderso is declaring Victor 'de tonk president trump. Repter:resident tru also declaring victory and claing creditut with a razor thin lead a pal bas yet te counted, a recouns sti posbility. Democrat Dan o'connor isn't conceding and whoever N, the two have a match in novemb We ar in a T ballgame.'re not S now. Tomorrowe, and then we in through T November. Reporter: T race shod ve been easy rublican victory. The district isbout a solidlyican as they come. The last house T repcan incumbent won byhan 35 points in fact, a D has won her only once since T 1930s. Republicans dumpedillions of llars io T and president trumpe ohio over weekend to giv republic B boost. Afte speechaturdaynight, year R voting during that speech, the president predicted THA wely expected democratic victories November won't materialize. , Whyould THA be a blue wave?think itould be a redwave. I tell you what, rely I Thi itho be a red wave. Repr: The race I Ohio is St the latest sign of trble for republ Democrat Conor lamb winning spction earlier a lilican pyl district and Democrat Doug Jones ING the sene last year inolidly repubn abama. In another hotlyontested ce, there's still no victory in the NSAs repcan mary for or. Presidt trump made a L endorsement ofon ndidate Kris Bach. A hard right, such anti-immigration candidate who chairedsident trump's disbanded commission on voteraud. Many Republicans think he is just T conservative to win the general election. Istic guy woves his state and ourcoun tweeted day. He will be a great governor and ha my fullndotal endoen witter boost wasot enough toasily push kobach over the ne. More votes to count neck and neck opponent, the sittingepublican governor of Jeff Colyer the pdentes to blunt anydemocratic entas cagning nonstop in the . Emocrats pointin to the president unpopulity inn competitive stricts.le and they say they would like seeut there as muc ssible. Idesking T that. We move to of teston in the trial of

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{"duration":"3:29","description":"President Trump declared victory already but the Republican candidate has a razor-thin lead in what should have been an easy victory in the Republican district.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"57104464","title":"High-stakes Ohio special election too close to call","url":"/GMA/News/video/high-stakes-ohio-special-election-close-call-57104464"}