Hiker missing for 2 weeks in Hawaii found alive

Amanda Eller was found alive in a forest after more than two weeks with only minor injuries.
5:33 | 05/25/19

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Transcript for Hiker missing for 2 weeks in Hawaii found alive
We want to start with breaking news overnight. An incredible story in Hawaii. A woman has been found alive in a forest after going missing for more than two weeks. She's a physical therapist named Amanda Eller and overnight she was airlifted to safety. When she first disappeared, hundreds went out to search and some started to fear the worst. But this morning the best possible news, how did it happen? We begin with erielle reshef. Erielle, good morning. Good morning. Imagine, guys, 16 days alone in the forest. This morning Amanda Eller alive, alert and safe found wedged between two waterfalls. Now the first video of her dramatic rescue and reaction from those who never lost hope. I know! Reporter: This morning, jubilation in mawae. We found her, guys! We did it. Reporter: The first images of the dramatic rescue of Amanda Eller, the yoga instructor who went missing in Hawaii more than two weeks ago. Found alive in the Kailua reservoir four miles from where she vanished. You can see maui fire department airlifting her. And there she's goes! Reporter: In this photo Amanda, sunburn and slightly disheveled but alert. Just moments after she was discovered. Volunteer Javier cantellops on the helicopter that originally spotted the 36-year-old posting to Facebook after the rescue. Seen alongside search partner Chris Berquist who tells us she was found stuck between two waterfalls. We found her in a streambed. She was waving up at us while in the helicopter and we got her out nice and safe. Reporter: Amanda's father in awe of her perseverance. She figured it out. She was smart, she was strong. She was prepared. Reporter: His daughter transported to maui memorial hospital where her friends say she's being treated for minor injuries. Amanda last seen in this surveillance video in a maui local market in what appears to be the same outfit she's wearing in her rescue photo. After 72 hours of trying to track Amanda down, the maui county department of fire and public safety suspending its search but more than 100 volunteers dubbed Amanda's angels still showed up every morning. Amanda's family now celebrating her long awaited homecoming. Can you believe it? I know, I know. This is really incredible. Police say they're now in the process of interviewing her and documenting her injuries. The mayor of maui thanked the community for the collaborative effort that helped bring Amanda's safe return. You said minor injury. Minor injuries. She just was missing her shoes, but truly Amanda's angels did not give up hope for more than two weeks. Now coming home. She was in pretty good shape. Again, we introduced him in your story, erielle, thank you but just a moment ago I spoke more with Javier cantellops who is actually part that have rescue theme that found Amanda Eller. First tell us about that moment when you're flying up above in the helicopter. How did you first spot Amanda? So we're coming up this huge gulch from where my hunt team leader had been like, we should fly up this gulch and I'm like, let's go higher, let's go higher and we're flying up this gulch, man, you can see the waterfalls coming down and we're all looking down and this is some really thick area, you know. And all of us at the same time pretty much looked to our right, Chris burquist, Troy Helmer and myself, we're in this open air helicopter and we all look down and did a double take and was like, hey, there's a hiker, what! And she's like coming out of the woodwork, man. Like arms out, you know, waving us down, unbelievable, man. Elation, absolute elation. Elation, so she's waving at you. You're now waving back. I understand you and Amanda are friends. It must have been incredibly emotional to be there finding her. What was your first reaction when you saw her? I completely -- Chris had to be like, don't jump out of the helicopter because I was ready to jump out of the helicopter to go get her. Describe Amanda's condition when you saw her face-to-face. She's completely conscious. I mean, she's aware. She knew exactly what day it was. She knew exactly how long she's been down there. Her ankles had been all torn up. She actually had lost her shoes in like day seven of this whole ordeal. And you could see her whole front of her ankles and calves had been destroyed by the super tough terrain and vegetation out there. We're all wearing pretty heavy gear and she had gone through that by herself. Was there ever a moment when you were starting to lose hope? Honestly, man, I don't know if it's the ranger in me or I'm a hyper motivated guy but I just stayed positive. No, unless any other evidence has presented itself which it hasn't, she's in those woods and yesterday I was telling her dad because we were planning on this taking this helicopter, the only reason we have not found her is because she's walking, she's walking east and we haven't searched far enough. Javier, we thank you so much for your time and appreciate that aloha spirit. What a great story. Thank you. From all of us down here, aloha and thank you so much you so much, guys. Javier, thanks so much. One of the things Javier said the way she survived, she had guava, she was eating fruit. She was eating leaves. She had fresh water. You can imagine someplace else maybe the conditions not the

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{"duration":"5:33","description":"Amanda Eller was found alive in a forest after more than two weeks with only minor injuries.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"63273503","title":"Hiker missing for 2 weeks in Hawaii found alive","url":"/GMA/News/video/hiker-missing-weeks-hawaii-found-alive-63273503"}