Hospitals buckle, new lockdowns issued amid rise in COVID cases

The White House task force reported 42 states are in the red zone, with November on track to be the worst month for the U.S.
3:26 | 11/12/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Hospitals buckle, new lockdowns issued amid rise in COVID cases
First we begin with the latest on the coronavirus emergency. Hospital admissions in the U.S. Soaring past 65,000. A record and more than 144,000 daily new cases. States and cities cracking down and reimposing restrictions. Los Angeles hoping to curb the spread by boosting testing. This is the scene at a makeshift facility at dodger stadium. Hundreds of people in their cars waiting to get tested. This morning, Dr. Anthony Fauci is going to join us with the latest on the surge but, first, Trevor Ault is in business bismarck, North Dakota. Reporter: Many were spared at first but now essentially the entire country is in the grips and running out of space and manpower and many are running out of time. This morning, coronavirus continues to rage, suffocating nearly the entire country. The white house task force reporting 42 states now in the red zone with a record 145,000 cases logged Wednesday, November is on pace to be America's worst month fighting the virus so far. I can assure everybody that they don't want to be one of my patients. You don't want to be this sick. You don't want to have to be on a ventilator. Reporter: Dr. Hillary Faust is on the front lines in Wisconsin where con cases now rival the numbers New York City saw in the spring. As health care workers become infected ere, one hospital system is turning to an emergency volunteer registry. We are reaching out to retired nurses, we're using students who have come up and have come to the forefront and volunteered their services. Reporter: North Dakota's governor going even further allowing infected nurses to working so long as they don't show symptoms with hospital beds there more than 90% filled and infection rates above 20%. Right now it's the hardest hit state in the country. We really believe that the accelerated growth of number of cases and hospitalizations is not sustainable. Reporter: Other hospitals running out of space to care for the crush of covid patients. A Michigan nurse says this week she had to treat one of them in a storage room. That state, one of several consistently topping 6,000 cases a day, as nationwide deaths have climbed 17 days in a row. A thousand American lives lost on average every 24 hours. Stay home when you can. Work from home if you can. Reporter: The potential for another lockdown now looming as cities and states reinstitute restrictions. Experts with the policy lab at children's hospital of Philadelphia recommending students in areas with rapidly accelerating transmission rates revert to online learning and New York closingbars, restaurants and gyms at 10:00 P.M. And limping indoor gatherings to ten people. Bar, restaurants, gyms, house parties, that's where it's coming from. Primarily, and those are the ones that we can address. Reporter: And we have to stress this is more than just a rising number of cases. We've already hit a record number of Americans receiving hospital treatment for covid and hospitalizations are still climbing in 43 states. Robin.

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{"duration":"3:26","description":"The White House task force reported 42 states are in the red zone, with November on track to be the worst month for the U.S.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"74166102","title":"Hospitals buckle, new lockdowns issued amid rise in COVID cases","url":"/GMA/News/video/hospitals-buckle-lockdowns-issued-amid-rise-covid-cases-74166102"}