Hurricane Florence batters Carolina coast as it makes landfall

The Category 1 storm is roaring ashore and expected to hover over the area and hammer it for hours with up to 40 inches of rain in some areas.
4:52 | 09/14/18

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Transcript for Hurricane Florence batters Carolina coast as it makes landfall
Our extreme weather teams ad out O the S we'l begin "World news tonight a David Mui Wilmington, North Carolina, wh're see that torrential rain right now. Good mornin David. Robi George, Michael, good morning to U. The E of hurricane Florence is here in wilmingt minently.fact, the haslready made landfall. It's moving inlan see T winds are just feous right wind gusts report upo 97 S per hourig on the coast. And I want to show you over here just how sg this as it comes in and as you mentioned there's already an emeency action playgorth of new rn, north of people he already H to be rescd. 150 people remain on the second oorn their attics with the waters fastg in that city. Tw converging there, thf those rose so rapidly LE had noim to get out their homeake a look is morning hurrinee now crashing into the Carolina coast. There it goes. As fears of catastrophi floodingave area been Al in new North Carolina, an emergey already play emerly CM sets hav W been flooded first floor nd I is starting to get deep orter: 200esidents already rescued tells50 artrapped. The town ridents toove up T second floor or an a because quote,are coming toetyou. Is house fire ignitingfter a transformer blew in the hurricane' path. Firefigh hitting O front door putting out that infe in Jacksonville rescuers to a motor inn where ey res there as well. The jacksllchools completely d.300,000 nortenare without power this morning.authoritieare now wing ople to ppa for possly weeks in the dark with window raging up 90 miles per ur, so stronghe roof of this gas station collapsed. Th floor then blowing away. Inome rainfall could hit 40 inches O mend life-threatening stormges now on rise even as high as feet already inundg homes. Look how deep this is now. Reporter: Florence's earliest vilong the Ast, the barrier islands, take a look theshing inside this northopsail bea first responders this no bracingor the worthwhile office urge who did stay here to stayvilant. To anyone S unwilling to ke this srm seriously,et me be clear, you no get urself to a safe place now and stay there. Reporr: Insidehe command telling us his family has alrea evacuated. T hurricane over your shoal what ncerns you most? I S Acal proportion flood event that'soing to occur. I see the beach communities being inundatedh WER destruction that will be pretty, pic in nature. It was striking when I H say it will be biblical.look at sheer amot of arrivinn the eye O florencn her T. They're most concerned about is the rain. Up to 40 inches of D this is to last all the throu today and io tomorrow,hat tge is Al issue as emgency situation plays out in sll inhomes, some of theme second floor, there is one rert Thi morni walked to an emergency official in N Bern W told us that there are so on top tir roofs so we will stay on this all rning Ng. I spo with their of'll sharehat in just a mome buthat else did the lice chiefay about the biggest concern right now the where are, order: Youeard the authities the S take thesewags serious andout. Time run out to do that. You got to hunkeown and what the pol T me whaterns him most, rob she fact now thatre just about her ING to be ours. A really slow's a monster of a stm. More than 400iles widnde wants everyone T know if they're in need of help, take hours, if not a full day more to get to them so this is a very dire situation already ginning to pla out here. Yes, we wantou and everyby crew to stay safe as possible T thank you, David.

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{"duration":"4:52","description":"The Category 1 storm is roaring ashore and expected to hover over the area and hammer it for hours with up to 40 inches of rain in some areas.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"57819704","title":"Hurricane Florence batters Carolina coast as it makes landfall ","url":"/GMA/News/video/hurricane-florence-batters-carolina-coast-makes-landfall-57819704"}