How to have the most impact with your vote during primaries

Political expert Mike Muse developed the Vote Quadrant to help voters think about critical local offices when they vote.
5:34 | 08/03/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for How to have the most impact with your vote during primaries
We are back now with how to strategically give the most voice to your all-important vote. Another round of states hold primaries tomorrow. We're just three months from the general election, less than 100 days away. Before you head to the voting booth there are ways you can prepare and have the most impact. Political expert Mike mues joins us. Mike, thank you for being us. First, happy birthday. Thank you so much, robin. It's important that you share this with us. You know, Mike, I don't have to tell you people are familiar with the presidential candidates. You have come up with a system that really helps pinpoint positions that are equally important on the local level. Tell us about that. Yes, robin. This is a voter education system. It's so important for us to rethink and understand how these systems work in concert with each other. We're so focussed often on the top of the ticket, the president of the United States and the U.S. Senate, that we also don't recognize that the U.S. Senator can't bring the police officer into a grand jury. The U.S. House of representatives can't bring a case. This is to get us to rethink about issues we care about. You may care about environmental justice. You may care about education. You can use this model. I created this for police accountability and police brutality through the four local offices of the mayor, the police commissioner, the D.A. And the judge. So after you look up the candidates, how do you research them and what you alluded to everyone is different? They have issues that are important to them. How do you identify the candidate that best does that for you? That's such a great question, robin. I'm so glad you asked. There's a website called It allows you to put in your local address or zip code. Once you put that in, what then happens in that moment is you can then select the party of your choice, whatever that party may be. Once you click your political party, then the candidates available and running -- like on the left-hand side you see the federal government officials, state officials, local officials, you click on that. Once you click on that, the different types of candidates come up. Let's look at John doe one. That candidate's positions come up on what they care about, the issues, platform, bio, who is endorsing them and their website to get more information from them. You're all about educating the voter, making sure people have the necessary info to make an informed decision. You know that new voter registration in a lot of states has declined. How can you make sure, Mike, you are registered to vote? Robin, you're on it. Due to covid-19 and the social distancing, the way that we have gone about traditionally getting people registered to vote is our local super market. It's at a church, maybe at a park. Due to social distancing we're no longer able to do that. It's incumbent upon us as citizens to ask our neighbors are you registered to vote? We want to make sure we eliminate any surprises at the ballot box. Go to to make sure you're registered to vote. Ask your friend, brother, relative, neighbor, hey, are you Ask other people. Not just yourself. Mike, we have a question from a viewer in North Carolina. Her name is Ali. She's a first-time voter who has a question about mail-in voting. I was wondering how soon I should mail in my ballot if I'm voting by mail? This is an important part for all of Americans to understand. Because during this time period there's been so much distrust sewn in our democratic process a lot of people are questioning mail-in ballots. The deadline is October 27th. You have to request it by 5:00 A.M. The rest of America, call your local city clerk's office to get the information on when is the latest you can request a mail-in ballot. Mail it in immediately. We don't want any delays. You're not telling people who to vote for. You're telling them there's information here for them to make informed decisions for themselves. Mike, really do appreciate that. Hope you have a great birthday, my friend. Take care. Thank you so much, robin. Appreciate you. Now for three things to know about voting three months ahead of the 2020 election you can visit our website. You can download a free guide book for more in for at Let's go Quickly, a lot of you are

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{"duration":"5:34","description":"Political expert Mike Muse developed the Vote Quadrant to help voters think about critical local offices when they vote. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"72141387","title":"How to have the most impact with your vote during primaries","url":"/GMA/News/video/impact-vote-primaries-72141387"}