India reports record daily COVID death rate

The crisis in India escalates as the amount of daily cases and deaths from COVID-19 hits record numbers.
2:25 | 05/09/21

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Transcript for India reports record daily COVID death rate
Overseas now to India where the covid crisis is only intensifying this morning. Aid from other countries arriving. ABC's Maggie Rulli is in new Delhi with the latest. Good morning, Maggie. Reporter: Eva, good morning. The numbers here keep rising and people tell us they are scared and they feel helpless. Nearly everyone has a loved one who needs help right now, and for so many, there's nowhere to go. This morning, India's health care system is completely overwhelmed as the country grapples with the world's largest covid crisis. At this temple, converted into a makeshift clinic, we see a woman rushed onto an ambulance after news that a hospital bed had opened up nearby, running day and night for the last few weeks. The clinic tells us they stepped in to help up to 15,000 people get oxygen free of charge. We try our best. That's the best I can do. Reporter: This is one of the temple's volunteers. He says at the peak, he was seeing nearly a dozen people die every day. Do you think that the numbers that we're seeing out of India right now, the number of cases and the number of deaths, is it even higher? Yes, it is. Reporter: India is reporting a record-breaking 4,000 deaths a day. It's wild -- widely believed the number is much higher. For many, grief is turning to anger. We meet sonny at a crematorium, and he tells us his mother passed away after he finally found her a hospital bed. The system certainly collapsed. It's a failure of the government. They should be taking care of each and every patient. Reporter: Only a small fraction of the country's billion-plus population has been fully vaccinated. There seems to be a severe shortage of vaccines. If you want to see the board here, the outside, you will see that covaxin is not available at all. Reporter: The U.S. Joining several outside countries in offering aid, and ventilators and oxygen are arriving in Mumbai Friday evening, but it still may not be enough. We just spoke to a doctor who works inside this hospital, and he said what pains him the most is knowing how many lives he couldn't save because he was simply missing simple supplies or ran out of space. Guys, a little bit of good news. He said things are calming down inside there slightly, but they are in desperate need of icu beds. Whit? Maggie Rulli with with that awful situation. Thaing -- thank you so much.

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{"duration":"2:25","description":"The crisis in India escalates as the amount of daily cases and deaths from COVID-19 hits record numbers.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"77586209","title":"India reports record daily COVID death rate","url":"/GMA/News/video/india-reports-record-daily-covid-death-rate-77586209"}