How James Comey's wife found out about his firing

Patrice Comey said, "My phone started blowing up, and so I called him and ... the first time he answered he didn't know what was going on."
4:06 | 04/16/18

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Transcript for How James Comey's wife found out about his firing
review right no you saw a little bit of James Comey's wife Patrice. She watroduced for the first time, a passionatil Clinton supporter who watched her Coe sweetheart get blamedor Clinton's defea scribes the toll it took her family and their lowest moment. January 21s 2017, one day afesident trump is sworn in, hundreds of thousands of deators take to the streets, Amo, the wife and daugs of FBI director S Comey. Take us inside your house aat point. You've written about th your wife patrice,lary Clinton supporter. , Yeah, and I didn't take a poll among the kid but I'm pretty sure that a least my four daughters, probably all five of my kids wanted Hillary Clinton to be the T N ident. I wanted a woman president really badly and supported Y Clinton and of my friends worked for her and I was stated whee lost. What went through your mind when you S that letter come out ten day before the election. Secretary Clinton, any reaction to directory re-opening the investigation into your e-mail whoa, here's the ING, I knew that if there were e-mails that pertained to this investigation on Anthony Weiner lap-bandtop, the FBI had to go get them. Theyad to and as a supporter of Hillary to wanted her to S, that's what I want FBI to do. I don'tt on Anthony Weiner's uter. I'm sure they are innocen and that's what think to do. I feel like she attd the initution of my husband and I wa ointed. I still wanted her tnd know I have a bias because I love my husband and I trust him. Reporter: Mayth, James Comey is in los angelesking Tobi employees when he finds he's fired. You are hereby terminated removed from office effect immediate hat's it, the pinnacle of ur professional care ov Yep.over in ash. Yeah. Mano at all. Reporter: At the same time, ss the country, his wife Patrice. Phone W blowing up. Was at a little -- a happy hour thing with some friends a had no idea this wasoming and my phone started blowing up so I called him and he did answer and -- the first Tim he answed he didn't know what was going on and T he called me back and said it's ue. You knew. When I saw on the news, yeah, yeah. Didn'tck U? Inew that they were potentially on a collision course at THA point I believed he was not anicalperson, president trump was not an ethicarson. I knew my husband was. Jim said he was surprise confused, not angry. Re you angry? I think I got angryor did, yeah I still feel a little angryt people that wested and knew and that know my husband and im in public life and worked wit him that haven't - that have kind of turned on but it is --e'relly living in timeshen people are loyal - you H to pick a side. Throu this experience what was the lowest moment? I think the lowest men was when we were I our house and the press was at the end our way and he was told he couldn't even come I and pack his office up and say good-bye a its -- was almost like a unning, yeah. That was a low pointut I think we rebounded afterhat pretty quickly. Do you think he's misunderstood? I don't- you know think some people probably byome people. I think there great middle of people that, Y know see us all as Americans and the iaame afters and our president isn't really an honest son that we can trust and I think a L of people in the middhat aren't, Y know, that sit back and D always GE involved, I'm hoping they're listening and getting involved. They've bee together four decades. Met in college you can see there how much they are. , That is evi so he on "Gma." And his B is O tomorrow as well.

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{"id":54495892,"title":"How James Comey's wife found out about his firing","duration":"4:06","description":"Patrice Comey said, \"My phone started blowing up, and so I called him and ... the first time he answered he didn't know what was going on.\"","url":"/GMA/News/video/james-comeys-wife-found-firing-54495892","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}