Jayme Closs is safe with family after her abduction 3 months ago

Investigators continue to question the 21-year-old suspect about the kidnapping and murder of the teen's parents.
5:19 | 01/13/19

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Transcript for Jayme Closs is safe with family after her abduction 3 months ago
Awaited family reunion for Jamie clocks eighteen Stanley is sharing you photos as she recovers from being held captive for nearly three months. And we're hearing from people who know the suspect arrested in her kidnapping and for the murders of her parents. ABC's ounce presence in Wisconsin with the latest good morning Alex. Hey good morning Eva authorities are working to figure out what the suspect's motive may have been but right now this community taking a moment to celebrate Jamie. And her courage. This morning loving community celebrating the homecoming of thirteen year old Jamie cost bring in Jamie home was the greatest feeling. Ever had. I wanted to come back to church last night and written the bells but I didn't do well. Jamie seen posing here with her dog and smiling with family. When post showing Jamie and her cousin reads my heart and another from her answer that says love her so much. No support from the community and so many people not given up hope on her and I'll never forget that from everybody I think from from the bottom of my heart. Also new T tales about the brave young girls harrowing escape after 88 days in captivity. Authorities are searching this isolated home in court in Wisconsin. They say Jamie's alleged captor Jake Paterson had left the house before she took off one of Patterson's close friend says since second grade speaking with ABC news is saying the two lost touch after graduating high school but that he never expected this. You know you talked to this person every day you don't know. Thirty years from in your office so yeah I'm asking myself a lot of questions. And none of it makes sense. Dillon's parents also speaking with us we're calling when Paterson spent time at their house. No Wayne that's. Things like that weren't as mine you know. That's what scares me it could've been my daughter. Patterson's attorney in a statement telling ABC news this is a very tragic situation. There's a substantial amount of information interest any emotion involved in this case mister Patterson's legal team will be relying on the integrity of our judicial system. To ensure that everyone's rights are protected and respected. Authorities allege Patterson killed the Jamie's parents last October and then kidnapped the girl what the motive puzzling mystery. Why do we think this suspect targeted Jamie and her family. I just know that Jimmy was the target off of mr. Paterson. He didn't know it crosses he had no contact with the causes that we've been able uncover at this time. And we could learn more about that suspect when he makes his first appearance in court tomorrow an online fund raiser for Jamie. Has already written raised more than 50000 dollars for her wit we're also happy she's back home safe Alex pres forest think you so much. We do want to bring in our ABC news contributor and former FBI agent Brad Garrett Brad good morning to you know. This is such an extraordinary case your investigators say it appears there was no connection between Jamie and her abductor and yet there is still planning involved she was targeted they say. Is it really possible that this family was somehow chosen at random. He had some connection to her probably not directly. But he has seen her some place these guys are driven by fantasy. And that session. And what happened is however he figured out who she was decided made a plan to abductor and holds her. It entered the house obviously. Cordons of police killed a family in when he took her away so all of that part was pointed it is a little surprising that he killed the parents. Because that's than usual these cases but I I guarantee it he planned this. And I guess we're just waiting to hear with those details are what that connection may have been. You also as you mentioned the most unusual part of this case the level of violence here. How rare is it that a kidnap or would also carry out a brutal double murder. It is unusual that you fortunately child abductions art. Don't capital watt anyway but the idea that you add the additional risk of killing the parents to take a child. It in them he must've felt comfortable must keep in mind this is a very remote part of Wisconsin. And so the idea that you could probably pull this off nobody would hear it or know about it. Might be reasonable but it is something like why did you just wait an abductor off the street or some other location. Questions to be asked and answered. There's no question about that Brad Garrett thank you so much we truly appreciate your insight. The thing that's this is amazing about this case when this first happened. You think about these stories and as time goes by a field and you don't worry about what the outcomes going to be I don't think anybody really expected this to that community never gave up hope. And they founder and brought her home closings now that was what was that can what was it that every parent is worrying about at this was a random. How could it have literary El Paso and what she's going through psychologically after staying with this man that she may not have known that well or at all final section three months. Now what's going on in her thirteen year old mind she's gonna want to come here she is safe and homes today.

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{"duration":"5:19","description":"Investigators continue to question the 21-year-old suspect about the kidnapping and murder of the teen's parents.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"60343913","title":"Jayme Closs is safe with family after her abduction 3 months ago","url":"/GMA/News/video/jayme-closs-safe-family-abduction-months-ago-60343913"}