Kamala Harris surprises young artist

A young artist from California got a huge surprise after painting a portrait of the vice president-elect.
2:33 | 11/28/20

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Transcript for Kamala Harris surprises young artist
Meanwhile, a young artist from California got a huge surprise, a painting -- after painting a portrait of the vice President-Elect and janai is here with more on that story. Good morning. Good morning. Kamala Harris making history as the vice President-Elect has inspired so many including this very talented teenage artist who says he was moved by the barriers she's broken and that led to this portrait in a very sweet moment shared between the two of them. 14-year-old Tyler Gordon's talent is undeniable and this week that talent landed him a call from one vip fan. This is kamala Harris calling. How are you? I'm doing fine. Reporter: Vice President-Elect kamala Harris. I'm overwhelmed with your -- just the magnificence of your artistry. You really have a gift, my goodness. Reporter: Just a few days before, he tweeted this time-lapsed video of him painting a portrait of Harris asking his followers to please retweet and tag her so that she can see this. She just really inspires me to be my best self and just to express my true talent. And just hard work. Reporter: More than 13,000 retweets later, including one from Chelsea Clinton, Tyler's wish ctrue. This gift, you know, it's a very special thing to be an artist like you are. It's a gift you give so many people. One day when I'm in Oakland, which is the place of my birth, I hope to meet you in person. Me too. That was a shock. Reporter: Tyler says he loves painting whoever and whatever inspires him. And he's no stranger to painting portraits of celebrities and notable figures including recently adding a new portrait of President-Elect Joe Biden to his collection but he says painting vp-elect Harris was a special one for him because he too has overcome adversity in his life. She's from the bay area also, my hometown, and broke through tons of barriers myself and my myself I broke through tons of barriers with my stutter. Me being deaf until I was 6 and me being in a wheelchair for two years. So he paints who inspires him and Tyler is absolutely inspiring so many of us. Tyler dreams of opening his own art gallery and his portrait of vp-elect Harris along with a few other paintings will be featured an exhibit at the Beverly center in L.A. Starting December 1st. He is only 14. Holy cow. The look on his face after that call. That was sweet. His eyes were so bi he was like, woo. This by the way is small

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{"duration":"2:33","description":"A young artist from California got a huge surprise after painting a portrait of the vice president-elect. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"74435701","title":"Kamala Harris surprises young artist","url":"/GMA/News/video/kamala-harris-surprises-young-artist-74435701"}