Kellyanne Conway responds to Comey bombshell comments

The counselor to President Trump tells "GMA" of the former FBI director, "This guy swung an election. He thought the wrong person would win."
5:46 | 04/16/18

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Transcript for Kellyanne Conway responds to Comey bombshell comments
Thank U. More now fro kellyanne Conway, she Joi uve from the white house. Kellyanne, T you for joining morning. We saw a lot fromhe preside on Twitter before thees Y interview. Did you watch lastnight? What's his reaction? I S wit the president before the interview and the president reminded me that J Y said publicly that he fel nervous before he met the president, admitted that to you. What we donunderstand is why ifou're Goin to meet the president of the unistas, the president-electou saying, my ticker list is I've got T tell him about the Russian interference, it ll him about the investigations that are ongoing. Instead he takes time to talk about the siz O his hands and length of Hise. That's gutter and the fact THA and politics to infceecision is it mu whyod Rosenstein, the deputy Aney general in a scathing memo on may 9th and others, other for attorneys general had CD for Mr. Comey to stepde because they felt like he Cano longer hold up thlues of the FBI. He admitted to you he purposely asked infortion to a friend so that it would into the media and trigger a special counsel. This guy swung an election. He though the wrong person would win. His people in his household wanted the other person to win now at th end of your interview, orge, gave a political cmercial telling people to go out there D vote against the president his interests. I thin he struggled to answer C qions and he looked a little shaky. He also --lly was very struck that when he was meeting with the president it's T very limited meetings W the president of the United States, I thought tomyself, you waited O months a the FBI director go andeet W the president-elect and waited nearlyea to tell the country what our . If he felt like he was saving the cou rather selling books why did he waitor an interview with you not under th andng a book not under oath. He answer a lot of those questions under before the judiciaryommittee last year as well. Any had to Corre his testimony. They ho correct testimony and said there were reds ofands of confential e-mails on whom Anthony Weiner's server and had to correct it that there were handful. He is an admittedeaker a I think what really strikes last night is when you have -- we have a private audience with the president, you should use at Tim to dssajor law enforcement,counterterrorism issues of the day. Instea sounds L he's taking notes for a futurbook. Kellyanne, let me just you right there. I have a a fair amount to throw a lot out on that. First of all he was say fwhg that February 1th meeting he did give H a counterintelnce brief and was the president who asked him to STA back after ask evyone else to leave the room that's when the president according to James Comey asked M to let the -- said he would would lethe Flynn investigation go. I know the presideas denied that. Hat's right. What we have from James Comey on all of his enters are note, his con temp andou ons with others in the FBI and know all of thatas been given to Robert muelle does the president have any evidence to back up his side of the Ory? I watched him,comey, tell you he agreed with the prent that Mike Flynn was ad GU a good man. The esident has made very clear that he never asked anyone to inter in an investigation. And Jim Comey had add tt in testimony that nobod here had ever asked him to drop investion for political ons. Ie to STO you there because that is not cor er. What James Comey was asked Abo in the senate was whether the atrney general, anyone a justice department ever asked him top an investigate he said no. He was nsked about the president. At he has consistently said about the esident ie took those comments from the prest about Michael Flynn as direction. That has been his content story. What did he do with ? He never changed it. What did heo with it? Did he run out andell the attorney general please come in here, feel uncomfortable? Did he Cal back the vice president? No, this man, Jim Comey loves T be within the proximity of and H dinary lone with the president. If H hn't held have invited someone O askedho else was going to be th he loved being along in theval ofce and wanted a piece of it an lovedng in the proximity Ofer until he got fired and thente a Bo. Let's be honest. Thare high stakes issues that a going on. Is somebody who admitted to you last night that he leaked information, the house investigators are looking for those memos. Y doesnew York Times" have a right to get the lea information and nothe house -- the house committees who reprt all of us? Kellyanne -- what's fair is fair. We have to go.I want to go back toy question. You say you talked to the prest before. Did he watch the intervind does he have any tion. I think he's awof some the excerpts and hisct is the same as when he saw earlier excerpts.he's N under oath in intews writing a book giving a revisionist version of history. The president hardly knew the ma the president said that and the estnswered within days of their interaction in a pre Coen all to see. You played thelip last night that he did not him to stop any investigation. President is very confound the that this person is always able to divert the spotght to him whether it'sheuly 5th press erence, is the October H announcement about the Hillary Clinton investigation being -od, has a very deft way of making things about him and he had 25,000 rank and file men and women who are Hable but had those who were againsthi president and were forlary ind he let that cloud his just. Kellyanne Conway, thanks for your time Thi morning.

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{"duration":"5:46","description":"The counselor to President Trump tells \"GMA\" of the former FBI director, \"This guy swung an election. He thought the wrong person would win.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"54495790","title":"Kellyanne Conway responds to Comey bombshell comments","url":"/GMA/News/video/kellyanne-conway-responds-comey-bombshell-comments-54495790"}