First lady launches 'BE BEST' campaign

Melania Trump stepped into the spotlight to lay out her agenda for the well-being of children, targeting opioid abuse and bullying, especially on social media.
3:27 | 05/08/18

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Video Transcript
Transcript for First lady launches 'BE BEST' campaign
As Amy said more on first lady Melania trump. Front and center in the rose garden laying out her agenda for the weg-being of children. President trump was watching from the front row as their relationship faces new scrutiny. Our chief national affairs correspondent Tom combram here with the latest. Reporter: A new poll out this week shows her favorability ratings are higher than her husband's. Now 16 months into the job, the first lady is ready to step into the spotlight under her own terms. I'm very excited to announce be best, an awareness campaign. Reporter: First lady Melania trump launching her official initiative focused on children's well-being, opioid abuse and anti-bullying especially on social media. When children learn positivity online behaviors they can be used in productive ways and affect positive change. Reporter: The first lady's efforts surprising to some who point to her husband, president trump, as a bully himself. But the first lady still moving forward and president trump right there by her side. America is truly blessed to have a first lady who is so devoted to our country and to our children. Reporter: A public display of unity and affection for the first couple. Coming at a delicate time around the white house, the president's alleged sexual affairs dominating headlines. Did Michael Cohen make payments to other women for the president? I'd have no knowledge of that, but I would think if it was necessary, yes. Reporter: And that $130,000 payment to porn star stormy Daniels. The president's team says to protect Mr. Trump and his family. Recently "Snl" poking fun at the first couple's relationship. Listen, I have completely hypothetical question for a friend. If her husband is accused of crime, would she have to testify against him? No. But could she? If she want to? Reporter: This as "The Washington post" reports the president and the first lady sleep in separate bedrooms. The white house livid. The article mentioned an unsubstantiated rumor that Mrs. Trump doesn't even live in the white house. That can an outrageous and ridiculous claim. The first lady lives here at the white house. Reporter: But those close to the president say despite the rumors and hurtful headlines, the two remain close and Mrs. Trump is ignoring the noise. She wants to take on a role that helps the country and strengthens the country. I think she's a very big player in the president's life and I think probably the most influential person around him. Reporter: Now, the first lady did receive some criticism online after it was revealed the pamphlet re-released as the be best guide about talking with kids is nearly identical. Take a look at that to one released by the ftc in 2014. Now, a spokesperson for the first lady tells me there was no plagiarism here. They worked hand in hand with the ftc and the ftc approached the first lady to promote some of their material? She's been on this since the campaign and at times as they say taken the president on for some of his tweets. She has and you'll remember also in the campaign she would defend the president when he would go after some of the other fellow candidate, some people called him a bully. She said he was a counterpumper but said sometimes she wish he wouldn't tweet as much. See what effect it has. Tom, thanks very much.

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{"duration":"3:27","description":"Melania Trump stepped into the spotlight to lay out her agenda for the well-being of children, targeting opioid abuse and bullying, especially on social media.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"55009282","title":"First lady launches 'BE BEST' campaign ","url":"/GMA/News/video/lady-launches-best-campaign-55009282"}