Once-in-a-lifetime great white shark experience caught on tape

Researchers looked at photos of a shark they concluded could be the legendary "Deep Blue," seen off the coast of Hawaii.
3:25 | 07/19/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Once-in-a-lifetime great white shark experience caught on tape
We are back now with that incredible shark encount story caught on camera giving us a rare look at what may be the biggest great white in the world known as deep blue. ABC's Victor Oquendo is in Miami with more. Good morning to you, Victor. Reporter: Good morning, T.J. Deep blue is impressive. This summer we've seen so many close calls, encounters and attacks up and down the east coast. Just yesterday right here in south Florida a diver possibly bitten by a shark had to be rushed to the hospital but what was spotted off the coast of Hawaii was unlike anything we've seen this summer, deep blue, one of the largest great whites ever filmed and she wasn't alone. On the open water off the coast of Hawaii a huge whale carcass provides an extraordinary opportunity for this group of diver photographers and marine biologist. Eight miles off the shore, it's dinnertime for the tiger sharks feeding on the whale and an astonishing dive for the humans documenting them. Sharks don't consider humans food. Reporter: But suddenly the tiger sharks vanish. A big shadow started appearing. Reporter: And a massive great white shark appears out of the blue. And I was thinking what in the world is this? It was way bigger than any shark I'd expect. Reporter: That's Andrew gray and diver Kimberly Jefferies from the water. Photographer mark Moeller capturing it all. The shark estimated to be 20 feet long, five feet longer than the average female weighing a staggering 2.5 tons. We had I.D. Shots and video and it was more than enough to present to at least the scientific community for identification. Reporter: The team had a hunch and authorities confirmed looking at photos the shark they encountered was likely deep blue, the largest known great white shark ever documented last seen in this viral video off the coast of Guadalupe island, Mexico in 2013. Probably the most famous hark in the world besides jaws. Reporter: Even more surprising, they soon discovered deep blue wasn't alone. Two days later some of the crew goes out again. This time another massive great white almost as big as deep blue and this new shark was curious. It's possible this shark has never encountered humans before so I think she was just really curious and wanted to check us out. Reporter: That curiosity soon turned to something more dangerous. She gave a little test anybody on the starboard side and that's when she popped one of the tubes. Reporter: Eight miles off shore with the deflated boat they call another team member for help. So not long after I checked their boat out and threw some supplies on it to strap the torn pontoon up, we saw that the shark was coming in behind the boat that I brought out and that's when I got really cool picture from the surface of him in the water. Great whites usually stay in deeper waters so to see them so clearly is definitely rare. One more thing, guys. Deep blue's belly was looking a little big so leads to questions is she pregnant or did this they just catch her after a really big meal, T.J. Wow. What did she eat, I wonder. Victor, thank you so much. You can see world's biggest great white on natgeo. The kid, the catch and the

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{"duration":"3:25","description":"Researchers looked at photos of a shark they concluded could be the legendary \"Deep Blue,\" seen off the coast of Hawaii.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"64435187","title":"Once-in-a-lifetime great white shark experience caught on tape","url":"/GMA/News/video/lifetime-great-white-shark-experience-caught-tape-64435187"}