Ma'Khia Bryant younger sister speaks out

Ja’niah Bryant joins GMA to discuss the events that led to calling 911 for help that ultimately ended with her sister being shot and killed by a Columbus, Ohio, police officer.
3:58 | 05/09/21

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Ma'Khia Bryant younger sister speaks out
a closer look at one of the latest police-involved shootings. 16-year-old ma'khia Bryant was shot and killed by a Columbus, Ohio police officer as she allegedly swung a knife at another woman. Now Bryant's younger sister who watched that whole scene unfold spoke to me about what led up to her making that 911 call for help, and why they were trying to get out of that foster home in the first place. 911, where is your emergency? These grown girls over here trying to fight us, trying to stab us, and trying to put their hands on our grandma. Get here now. Reporter: These were the last moments of 16-year-old ma'khia Bryant's young life. This is my sister and, like, we were planning to do things together that we're not going to be able to do anymore because she's done. Reporter: A neighbor's security camera shows the fight that spilled out of the Columbus, Ohio foster home where ma'khia and her 15-year-old sister ja'niah Bryant were reportedly staying. They were arguing with two adult women who had been at a party there before, started over cleaning the home while the foster mom was at work. Ja'niah says she called their grandmother for help before eventually dialing 911. Ma'am, do you see any weapons? No! Reporter: Police body camera video shows the moment the police officer rolled up. Ma'khia rushing toward the women with a knife in hand. The officer gets out of the car and fires his weapon killing the family waiting for the police investigation to be completed. Do you think in some ways your sister that day was trying to protect you? She was being a bigger sister. She was trying to protect herself, you know. It's very complicated, but, you know, at the end of the day, this is still my sister, you know? This is still my family taken away from me. So I'm just hurt. Reporter: This wasn't the first call to help ja'niah had made. About a month before on March 28th, she called 911 asking to be moved to a different home. Both of you didn't want to be there anymore? Is that correct? Yes. So you were hoping that you could get the two of you moved someplace else? Yeah. I wanted to leave. She wanted to leave too, but my biggest fear was us being split up again. Why was that so important for you for the two of you to be together? Because she was my best friend. I mean, I didn't have anybody to talk to, and I would talk to her all the time. That's why this is so painful, Eva, what we're going through, because in terms of ma'khia's peace, you know, I've looked at her school records. I have been looking of course, at the court records, and she didn't have any disciplinary issues. She wasn't a, you know, she wasn't fighting people, and I think that's more indicative of how we placed her in a corner, you know, as a society. We put her in a corner. I think you can't really judge by the clips or the officer body cam because you don't know the full story. How do you want people to view your sister? What do you want them to know about her, and who she was? She was a peacemaker. She liked to joke around. She also could dance really well. We would tend to have dance battles. She loved her hair. She loved doing hair. She would do my hair sometimes and stuff like that. She loved playing in makeup. We really had a tight bond. Very close sisters, and we've reached out to child social services. We did not hear back. Ja'niah is now living with her grandmother which is where the girls had hoped to be all along. Ultimately the family hopes to spark change. So what happened to ma'khia doesn't happen to any other kid. And the fact that she made the 911 call asking for help, and then it all led to that. I can't imagine what that pain must feel like for her. Definitely going through a

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{"duration":"3:58","description":"Ja’niah Bryant joins GMA to discuss the events that led to calling 911 for help that ultimately ended with her sister being shot and killed by a Columbus, Ohio, police officer.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"77587102","title":"Ma'Khia Bryant younger sister speaks out","url":"/GMA/News/video/makhia-bryant-younger-sister-speaks-77587102"}