Man accused of ditching women on expensive dates

Paul Gonzalez, of California, has been accused by at least six women of inviting them to dinner after meeting online, ordering an expensive meal and then leaving.
2:48 | 05/08/18

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Transcript for Man accused of ditching women on expensive dates
We're back now with that search for the so-called dine & -- dater accused of running up expensive tabs then disappearing leaving women with the bill and Diane Macedo has all the details. For the record when we say we want to dashing man this is not what we mean. More than 20 women tell the same story being left with the betrayal and bill and bliss believe it's the same guy and there are more victims out there. Did you just say you're seeing other people? Yeah. I mean, isn't that the whole point of online dating? No. It's to find your soul mate. Reporter: For many online date something what you do to find love but several women say for one California man, it seemed to be less about filling his heart and more about filling his stomach. He just knew all the right things to say. And that's what like really makes me like angry inside. Reporter: Paul Gonzalez is accused by at least six women in the Los Angeles area of inviting them out to dinner after meeting online and ordering an expensive meal. They say after eating his phone rings, he steps away to take the call and never returns. He ordered a Caesar shrimp with steak and a bake potato and glass of pin know noir. The dine & -- has been accused of dupreeing several dates over the last few years. Last November he was even sentenced to 90 days in jail for theft. But just months after being released Pasadena police say he's back at it telling ABC news we're looking at him for other ijs dents of this nature. We believe there are other victims who are afraid to come forward. And in the most recent incident he reportedly got scared off by a restaurant owner who recognized him but he had already eaten, still the restaurant did comp that bill so the -- I know who that woman is and reached out. It would be easy to laugh about this and say, oh, my gosh, what's the big deal here but when you learn more about him and it's jut thinking what else is he capable of? It's so calculating but he's also accused of doing the same with haircuts, goes and get haircuts and runs out on those bills as well. Police are wondering what else is there to it. He met these women online as well. You know what he looks like and you know his name. How does he continue to do this? He does use different names. Many of these women he apparently met under bumble with a different name but the site kicked him off and banned that profile and offered those women to compensate them for that cost. We put his picture up on national television. Do not date that man. Stay away. Thank you search. Appreciate it.

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{"duration":"2:48","description":"Paul Gonzalez, of California, has been accused by at least six women of inviting them to dinner after meeting online, ordering an expensive meal and then leaving.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"55009654","title":"Man accused of ditching women on expensive dates","url":"/GMA/News/video/man-accused-ditching-women-expensive-dates-55009654"}