Man mistakes decoration and runs to the rescue

It seems one family's tribute to a Christmas comedy classic turned into a comedy of errors.
2:33 | 12/02/18

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Transcript for Man mistakes decoration and runs to the rescue
things he gets excited about. He's been waiting on this story all morning. Yes. They can laugh about it now. But a play on one of the most well-known holiday movies and whit's personal favorite created a bit of a frightful moment. Exactly, maybe even panic, you could say. It started with a family's tribute to a Christmas comedy classic. Adrienne here with the details. We know where this is going. Yes. We know that you love the national lampoon's "Christmas vacation" movies. You might be a Griswold, whit. This family went all out to capture the spirit. Imagine if one of the scenes of the movie came to life with all of the chaos and all of the laughs. All this family wanted to do was win their neighborhood home decoration contest. Instead, they freaked out a total stranger. Oh, mister! Please hold on. Reporter: The family in Austin, Texas, put up a display that's a true slice of americana. They used a dummy on the roof and a ladder meant to look like it's tipping over. Just like this scene from the movie "National lampoon's Christmas vacation" as Clark Griswold attempts to hang Christmas lights. But Alfred Norwood Jr., a veteran, who just happened to be passing by, thought it was a real person in distress. His panic captured on the family's front porch camera. He tried to move the ladder to help the man. Not knowing it was a mannequin. Can you reach it? Reporter: Waving people down in traffic. Help! Reporter: While on the phone with 911. So I turned around and started to call for help. And nobody wanted to stop. We took it to another level. You can come over for hot cocoa any day of the week. Reporter: The family contacted Alfred and thanked him for caring. Hundreds of people drive by this house every day seeing that mannequin hanging up there. I'm standing by the one guy who cared enough to save somebody's life. He jumped out and did it. Thank you so much. The only one that stopped. Welcome. He's such a high-quality human being. A high-quality guy. They gave him a gift card for his trouble and they now have a sign at the bottom of the ladder that says this is a Christmas display. Please don't call 911. But, whit made a great -- what is it? You made a notice of the clothing. The detail. He was wearing, like, the exact same flannel from the movie. We're talking about the dummy here? Yes. The mannequin. Clark W. Griswold. They scoured thrift stores looking for the exact match of the outfit. It's nice to know people still care. Coming up, we'll force whit to do his imitation of Chevy

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{"duration":"2:33","description":"It seems one family's tribute to a Christmas comedy classic turned into a comedy of errors.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"59556191","title":"Man mistakes decoration and runs to the rescue","url":"/GMA/News/video/man-mistakes-decoration-runs-rescue-59556191"}