Men stick heads in Old Faithful geyser

The men were cited and will have to appear in court after getting too close to the famous landmark.
2:37 | 09/15/19

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Transcript for Men stick heads in Old Faithful geyser
When you visit some of America's national treasures, don't get too close. Two men learned that not only is it dangerous, it can get you in trouble with police. Marci Gonzalez is in los Angeles. Marci, the pictures with this one say it all. Reporter: They really do, Eva. And they're being used in the case against these guys. The woman who snapped them posted them to a group dedicated to highlighting people who break the rules at the park writing that everyone watching was in disbelief of what she called the complete stupidity of the men's actions. Photos capturing these men walking onto old faithful moving closer and closer to the steaming geyser leaning over it apparently taking pictures. My family and I just couldn't believe what was happening. They just didn't care, and we couldn't believe that they were -- they thought that that was okay. Reporter: Kimberly snapping these images posting them on Facebook and giving them to a yellowstone park ranger. The men whose names haven't been released now facing criminal charges citing for going off the park's boardwalk which is illegal and dangerous with the geyser erupting about once an hour with boiling water averaging 200 degrees. I don't see how anyone couldn't be aware of the rules. They're posted everywhere. They're in multiple different languages around the border of the geyser saying it is very dangerous, that the ground is unstable and very fragile. Reporter: A similar close call captured on camera at old faithful last year. This is the park service. Get on the boardwalk. Get off old faithful. Reporter: This man ignoring those park rangers sticking his head inside the geyser. Oh, my gosh. What an idiot. Reporter: He was later ticketed for disorderly conducted and added to a growing list of people taking dangerous risks at the national park. This summer this 9-year-old girl thrown into the air left with minor injuries after getting too close to a bison while with a group visiting old faithful, and last year a group photographing these elk fighting when one suddenly charges forward, knocking a man to the ground. Ooh. He got it. And people have been hurt in the past by getting too close to the park's thermal areas. The guys captured in those photos at old faithful will now have to face a judge in federal court. Dan. I mean, are these warnings that we really need to repeat? Do these people at home need signs in their homes, don't put your hand on this? I don't understand. All right, Marci. Boiling hot geyser. I'm not expecting you to answer the question just for the

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{"duration":"2:37","description":"The men were cited and will have to appear in court after getting too close to the famous landmark.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"65622824","title":"Men stick heads in Old Faithful geyser","url":"/GMA/News/video/men-stick-heads-faithful-geyser-65622824"}