Missing mom's family responds to 'Gone Girl' claim

Jennifer Dulos' family spokeswoman told ABC News exclusively that Dulos, a mom of five, "is not in any way the sort of person who would vanish."
4:52 | 06/25/19

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Transcript for Missing mom's family responds to 'Gone Girl' claim
I had a new twist in the case of that missing mother of five Jennifer to Los her estranged husband's lawyer. Now claim this could be a girl on girl case addition to Los faked her own disappearance but a family is firing back -- pilgrim here with the details good morning even. Good morning guys have been more than a month since Jennifer that was smashed her strengths has been at his longtime girlfriend facing charges in her disappearance and now his legal team. Is offering their own theory on what happened. Overnight a shocking new theory from the attorney at the estranged husband of missing Connecticut mom Jennifer to Lopes. The lawyer for Batiste was telling ABC news they believe Jennifer might be responsible for her own disappearance saying. We are actively investigating the possibility that this is a gone girl tight case. And are considering the possibility that no third party was involved in foul play. A friend and spokeswoman for Jennifer's family firing back speaking exclusively to ABC news machine. Is not in any way the sort of person who would vanish. This is not a woman who would ever. Ever leave her children Batiste close is lawyer is now claiming that Jennifer and accomplished writer worked on a 500 page manuscript similar to the 2012 best seller gone girl. Where a woman in a troubled marriage fakes her own debt in order to frame her husband that book was later turned into a hit movie. It's your mind has no friends here issued a standoffish. I mean the people the wrong way from her. The car. Lust remembers the manuscript in question saying it was written long before Jennifer was married and doesn't resemble gone girl at all. I think that during any comparison to oh work of fiction. Does an incredible disservice to the family this is not a film this is not a novel this is our real life at time when we La. Is missing. This case has garnered national attention Jennifer disappeared after dropping her kids off at school on May 24. A friend of Jennifer's telling the New York Post this weekend that Jennifer was afraid for her life. The mother of five was locked in a bitter divorce and custody battle with her estranged husband it. Authorities say they discovered bloodstains in her garage and believe she was the victim of a serious physical assault. Earlier this month fifties to lows and his longtime live in girlfriend that shelter economists were charged with tampering with or fabricating physical evidence. And hindering prosecution. According to their arrest warrant surveillance video from the night Jennifer went missing captured two people police suspect to be for teas and Chacon has. Tossing bags including a bloodstain sponge into trash cans across the city of Hartford. Vote have pled not guilty and are out on bail to Los scene out jogging recently wearing his ankle bracelet. And to cut as is due back in court next month that he's in August asked for them to Lowe's has five kids let's not forget about them. They're currently staying with Jennifer's handling George. Okay thanks premise is greener chief legal analyst Dan names from more on this pretty audacious defense yeah it just did. Basically make a great headline yes it does to say it's comparison to this movie it set her up. But the problem for them is that you have this videotape if they can link back him. 230 different locations in Hartford. Where they found. Blood stained evidence her blood. All on clothing on sponges they were also able to link back cellphone. His cell phone to those areas if they're able to connect him and her. To those thirty locations of dumping items and where her blood was found. Then this doesn't make any census and how would you explain why a lawyer would lead float this in public cannot look my guess is they're gonna say that it's not him. On the video right they're gonna say yes it looks like his car. Yes he's cell phone says he was in the area yes it may appear to look something like him but it wasn't him. Who is dumping those items that's my guess as as to what they're gonna say. And then suddenly they have a little more leeway here. The problem is that once we see this manuscript and it sounds like your of those who have seen it are saying it has nothing to do with. We've gone girl. Then you've got an even bigger problem for them. I mean this is as you point out a very audacious effort can you get a conviction on on murders the bodies never absolutely that in many cases where there's nobody. Found and there's a murder case brought it makes it harder. In any case to win a murdered a case without without a body but it is certainly not impossible you can still present all the evidence that the person has died. But that often becomes the defense is you can't even prove that the person is dead and that becomes something the prosecution must overcome these names thanks very much.

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{"duration":"4:52","description":"Jennifer Dulos' family spokeswoman told ABC News exclusively that Dulos, a mom of five, \"is not in any way the sort of person who would vanish.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"63927281","title":"Missing mom's family responds to 'Gone Girl' claim","url":"/GMA/News/video/missing-moms-family-responds-girl-claim-63927281"}