Missouri governor faces new felony charge

Eric Greitens is fighting back against the latest indictment, which involves a charity he founded.
2:12 | 04/21/18

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Missouri governor faces new felony charge
The legal trouble that has grown from Missouri governor air crichton's now facing a second felony charge this latest indictment involves a charity that he founded in Marcy Gonzales is on the story for us from LA Marcy good morning to you. Polycom good morning he says he will fight this accusation just as he's defending himself against the first. Saying this is all part of an attack that in his words is wasting thousands of taxpayer dollars. This morning Missouri governor Erick great news facing a new felony charge and renewed calls for impeachment. The already embattled Republican now charged with tampering with computer data accused of using the donor list from the nonprofit organization he founded the mission continues to collect donations for his 2016 political campaign. Crichton's writing in a statement overnight on FaceBook that the prosecutors' original case is falling apart so today she's brought in new one this prosecutor will use any charge she can to smear me this new charge on top of the felony invasion of privacy charge he already faces after allegations of snapping a photo of his former mistress while she was blindfolded bound. And partially nude something she said in her testimony she can't clearly remember seeing Healy denied any wrongdoing. Government still give our. Originated there are very governor who ran on a platform of family values. Already facing calls to resign following a special bipartisan Missouri house investigative committee's report also outlining other accusations from the woman grains admits to having an affair with before his run for office the woman testifying that the former navy seal restraint slapped shoved and threatened her. Grains denying any non consensual sex say he's the victim. Of a witch hunt this was a private mistake that has nothing to do with governing. And shouldn't be about politics but people are turning that personal mistake into a political spectacle. And telling new lies about it. And the Statehouse committee is working on a recommendation on wed under the first term governor should be impeached greens insist he will clear his name. When he gets his day in court. Tom Paula yet he goes down he's gonna go down swinging Marcy thank you so much.

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{"id":54630289,"title":"Missouri governor faces new felony charge","duration":"2:12","description":"Eric Greitens is fighting back against the latest indictment, which involves a charity he founded.","url":"/GMA/News/video/missouri-governor-faces-felony-charge-amid-affair-scandal-54630289","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}