Mom describes how she survived 4 days lost in mountains

Sheryl Powell appears on "GMA" live alongside her family after she was found alive following four days lost in the mountains of California.
7:40 | 07/16/19

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Transcript for Mom describes how she survived 4 days lost in mountains
That was a cali person saying that, totally. Totes. That remarkable survival story. Sheryl Powell was found alive in a ravine. Will Carr is on the scene where she went missing in bishop, California. Good morning, will. Reporter: And good morning, George. What an amazing story. This is really dangerous, rough terrain. This morning you can still see that missing persons poster with Sheryl Powell's name on it but she is back with her family and grateful to be alive. You're looking at four bright smiles after four desperate days searching for a California mother lost in the mountains. We were there when Sheryl Powell's family got the good news. They found her? They found her alive. They found Sheryl alive? Oh, my got. Reporter: That moment can only be described as pure joy. This is a miracle. I can't imagine this. This is a miracle of miracles. Reporter: Powell and her dog vanished Friday in California's eastern Sierras. Her husband went to move their car. When he got back, Powell was gone. Her family says a man with a knife threatened her. So she ran for safety and got lost. For days Powell an experienced hiker and her dog survived in the rugged terrain without any She found water and she ate a cactus, you know, the inner fruit of it. Reporter: Using thermal imaging from the air and dogs on the ground search crews combed the dangerous terrain. On Monday rescuers first found Miley then a short time later found Sheryl. Back together this morning, the Powell family is embracing what they say is the happiest day of their lives. I have to say it is so uplifting to cover a story with such a positive ending. As for that suspect authorities say this is an ongoing investigation. Amy. Will, thank you. Sheryl, her husband Joseph and her children, Farrah and Greg joins now. Thanks for being with us. I want to say we're so happy you're alive and well. Tell us how you're doing this morning. Doing really well. Just thankful to be alive and back with my family. Oh, I'm sur they are very thankful to have you with them there as well. Can you tell us what happened, Sheryl? I know you said you saw a man with a knife and took a quick break with your dog. Tell us what happened. So I really hadn't planned to be gone for more than a few minutes. I told my husband I'd be back in ten. He was parking the car, getting us set up -- getting ready to set us up for the camping trip we would take and hadn't been real familiar with the area that we were camping in. I thought, I wanted toic a look around with my dog and Miley, my dog and I went off together and never quite made it back as soon as I thought I was going to. No one can even really imagine what that must have been like for those four days but you were afraid for your life at a moment with that man and the knife. Can you tell me what you saw? I know police are investigating what you told them. But can you give us a sense of what that moment was like? All of a sudden some guy pops out from behind a tree or he had been observing me and it was scary. I just was really very nervous about the fact that he was threatening to do my dog harm and, you know, just if we made noise, if we yelled out that he was going to use it on us and I tried to be compliant until I had the chance to run and I took off with my dog and we just ran in a different direction than I knew my husband was because the guy was between me and my husband so I went the other way. And then you realized you were lost. Exactly. So I had gone really very fast for me, I don't usually hike that fast but I do hike a lot and so I didn't feel like my legs weren't steady but I just realized I wasn't sure where I was because I had been running out of fear. When I did realize that I was in another canyon, I ended up in a completely other canyon than my family was, I knew how horrible it must be for them. Joseph, I know that you went immediately searching for Sheryl for your wife when you realized she wasn't nearby. Tell me what that search was like and how you were feeling as you eventually had to call in police. I started yelling for her. It would be atypical for her not to be there when I'm pulling in the spot. I wasn't too concerned right away then I started screaming her name and after about five or ten minutes I realized something was seriously wrong. I didn't think she had been attempted for a sexual assault. I didn't know that had gone on at this point but I was thinking something must have happened. She fell somewhere nearby so I started crisscrossing the wilderness making diagonals. I spent roughly about 45 minutes thoroughly searching that time where she could have gist appeared to. Finally after 45 minutes I realized I was in a complete panic and knew I had to essentially summon emergency services so it was absolutely terrifying. It was no way to describe this -- drop your wife off, five minutes later she's completely gone and no words to describe the horror I went through looking for her for those 45 minutes. And then that turned into four days and I want to ask your children, Sheryl, because I know they were worried about their mom the entire time, and Farrah, I know your mom is an experienced hiker and you shoe she was a tough woman, I'm sure, but how concerned were you about her safety? I mean I was really concerned. Every day that went on got harder and harder. Initially we were like my mom is going to be okay. She is really experienced. The longer that search and rescue and the dogs and we weren't finding anything, the more we felt like there was foul play involved and the more concerned we got. Dreg, tell me about the moment when you found out your mom had survived and she was being rescued. So, just before that we had found out about Miley and then so it was just a glimmer of hope right there. It had already been like four days almost fully without any clues so that was the first moment then less than two hours later we heard that news and we all just, just jumped in a circle screaming together it was amazing. How is Miley doing? She's doing great. I mean she really helped keep me going. I had someone else to care for, somebody who needed me and so my focus left me. It was to take care of her and to get back to them. So I was, you know, cut up and scratched up a bit but, you know, it was to keep her warm, to keep her safe and she helped me warm. Also in a strange twist of fate Miley actually potentially saved her life. When my wife could no longer take care of her, somehow Miley escaped the restraint which we have no idea and she was found and if she wasn't found, they would not look in that area more for my wife so it's strange and beautiful how that worked out that Molly was potentially the savor. Search and rescue heard Miley barking. Miley is the hero. We're glad, Miley, you and Sheryl are safe and sound. I know you guys will continue to celebrate. Thanks so much for being with us this morning. All right. Thank you. Yeah. Miley is the hero. Enjoying a well deserved nap. Thank you for that, Amy. Coming up we have the search

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{"duration":"7:40","description":"Sheryl Powell appears on \"GMA\" live alongside her family after she was found alive following four days lost in the mountains of California.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"64360144","title":"Mom describes how she survived 4 days lost in mountains","url":"/GMA/News/video/mom-describes-survived-days-lost-mountains-64360144"}