Mudslides and neck-deep snow slam the West

Several states are facing avalanche warnings as snowfalls reached 9 feet in some areas.
2:11 | 02/05/19

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Transcript for Mudslides and neck-deep snow slam the West
turn to that dangerous weather that's hammering the west right now, several states are facing avalanche warnings as much as nine feet of snow falling in some areas. Kayna Whitworth is in lake tahoe, California, with more. Good morning, kayna. Reporter: Hey, Michael, good morning. Yeah, we are measuring snow in feet out here. The local mountain closed after they got more than four feet of snow. We're talking about 54 inches of this light powdery snow covering the lake tahoe area and look at these drifts. This one behind me halfway up that building. Some of them are about ten feet deep and a little further south they're digging out from an unprecedented 58 inches of snow. 81 inches reported at the summit there and when we drove to town yesterday we met a guy who left his car outside for one day and then could barely find it. Not that you would really need it anyway. Most of the major highways in this area were closed because of whiteout conditions. Video of our drive in was pretty scary. Once the wind starts blowing the snow around it's hard to see anything and the sheriff's office reporting guffs of 110 miles an hour. Avalanche warnings throughout the Sierra Nevadas so we have a lot of snow and we even have more on the way, Michael. Oh, boy, I'm sure it's the last thing anybody wants to hear. Thank you so much, kayna. We will bring in ginger tracking the storm. You have the latest on its path. Good morning. Reporter: Good morning, impacting so many including Seattle, Washington. You know, they only average in February 1.7 inches. They had 2 to 3 in the last two days. See the people trying to push the cars out there. A mess on the roads. A lot of schools closed and speaking of a mess down in southern California where San Bernardino county had up to 11 inches of rain in the last week. That's a lot so you had mudslides and debris flows and rain for the next 12 hours but then it's going to be the snow in the Sierra, windchill advisory really cold air here, very warm air here. That means ice, ice in the middle right on Chicago tonight in an ice storm warning. You could see a tenth, up to 0.4 inches there. Thank you. New developments in that deadly California plane crash. This morning we're learning more

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{"id":60848848,"title":"Mudslides and neck-deep snow slam the West","duration":"2:11","description":"Several states are facing avalanche warnings as snowfalls reached 9 feet in some areas. ","url":"/GMA/News/video/mudslides-neck-deep-snow-slam-west-60848848","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}