NTSB investigates deadly duck boat accident in Missouri

17 people were killed after the boat capsized during a storm.
2:35 | 07/22/18

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Video Transcript
Transcript for NTSB investigates deadly duck boat accident in Missouri
Now of that boat tragedy and Missouri NTSB. Investigators are saying that the toward duck boat that capsized in rough waters space near. Hurricane force winds. ABC's Victor attend though is in Branson with the latest on the investigation on an incident they claimed 17. Lives good morning Victor. Good morning Jessica investigators want to find out when the decision was made to head out all the water since a severe thunderstorm warning was already in effect. Before they headed out on to the lake they've already interviewed a number of people. And divers have recovered something from the bottom of the lake that could answer a lot of questions. This morning a critical piece of evidence from the deadly duck boat accident in brits and misery that killed seventeen people is in the hands of investigators. Eighty feet below the surface. The NTSB says they've recovered a reporter from the sunken boat video. Likely showing what happened. The real objective is going to be to find out what kind of information they had them on board when they made the decision to. Go out that recorder is on its way to Washington DC to be tried out in analyzed. They'll be checking to see if life jackets were used. But we think it'll show any instructions he might have given to do passengers he's dead above you are your life jackets to vehicle and who survived the accident. Share your recollection of what the captain told them. He's been on the show you where the where they are. But she Wally. Goldman and thirty others wrote the duck boat Thursday night what a severe thunderstorm swept through table rock leaked. Tossing the ball around in dearly hurricane force winds and six foot swells. It capsized in sync she and her nephew were the only survivors from her family. Coleman's husband and three children including a one year old all dine. I felt like if I was able to get a life jacket I could save my babies. Because they could elites loaded up to the top there's somebody kilograms. You know whether they want to do you bet. We headed out on table rock lake were very close to the spot where that duck boat capsized and then sank. In fact a lot of people actually watch that happen. From right there inside that showboat investigators have been poring over this video. Looking at factors like the weather in your viewing a number of survivors including the duck boats kept it. For Coleman no the thought of returning to was empty house it's overwhelming. The investigation picks up again today but they won't be able to get a good look at that boat until it's pulled from the bottom of the lake that's scheduled to happen. Early this week. And. Victor thank you very much we are we are thinking about. The victims and their families for sure.

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{"id":56741736,"title":"NTSB investigates deadly duck boat accident in Missouri","duration":"2:35","description":"17 people were killed after the boat capsized during a storm.","url":"/GMA/News/video/ntsb-investigates-deadly-duck-boat-accident-missouri-56741736","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}