OJ Simpson joins Twitter, says he has 'getting even to do'

The former football star instantly went viral with his cryptic message and used Twitter to respond to rumors he was romantically involved with Kris Jenner.
6:22 | 06/17/19

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Transcript for OJ Simpson joins Twitter, says he has 'getting even to do'
It's really hard to believe this next story OJ Simpson assist 25 years ago to then don't go chase really incredible right put it that way. That was after Nicole Brown of course and Ron Goldman were murdered and now Simpson. This is the development this morning he's joining Twitter saying as some quote getting even if you need he's here with much mourning at Ron Goldman's sister came to speaking out. That is correct did begin warning Simpson had generally kept a low profile since his release from prison back in 2017. For robbery and kidnapping will now. In just a few days he already has more than 600000. Followers on Twitter and what he's saying is raising some eyebrows. Straight toward a world this is Louis truly coming soon to Twitter you'll get that. Read all my thoughts and opinions don't just about everything he's back this weekend OJ Simpson making his digital debut joining Twitter. Instantly going viral with this cryptic message has to be a lot of work color guard Luke didn't even to do. The 71 year old hall of Famer posting two videos. Already viewed millions of times giving followers are a hint of what they can expect you know for years people have been very loosely what ever they would see about me. Would know yeah. When I get the challenge. Set the record straight. Sunday night posting a third video slapping down rumors he was romantically involved with his lawyer. Rob Kardashian n.'s wife Chris all of these stories are just bogus. Mean bed. Do faceless. Chloe. Like all the girls I'm very proud of the silicon Bob would be you lose your breakfast of parts of the burgers she's not. Simpson says he'll be tweeting about everything from sports to politics his lawyer telling ABC news mister Simpson is the most positive person I've ever met. He's also very well informed on current events he will not be negative nor mobile he comment on the LA thing. I feel. Anxious again and it's it's it's hard it's tests. You know he he's live in a very large life he's he's revered in Las Vegas. And now to see that their response cities getting on Twitter. It's heart. Last week mark the 25 anniversary of the brutal Los Angeles killings of Simpson's ex wife Nicole brown and her friend Ron Goldman. Simpson was tried in what became known as the trial of the century if it doesn't fit. You must acquit. And found not guilty. We the jury in the above entitled action find it within an Roy travel. Orenthal James Simpson not guilty of the crime of murder Ron Goldman's sister Kim taking it one day at a time when the. I try to figure out a place to put it in my life so that it doesn't suffocate me so while other people can just turn off the television or terminate that magazine over. It it leaves a mark. In 2007 Simpson was convicted on un related robbery and kidnapping charges in Las Vegas and spent nine years behind bars at a Nevada prison. Since his release in 2017. He's lived a relatively private life any gated community in Nevada spending most of his time golfing. Telling the AP of last week's anniversary we don't need to go back and re live the worst day of our lives. My family and I have moved on to what we call the no negative zone we focus on the positives. Now Simpson was found responsible for the wrongful deaths of Nicole brown and Ron Goldman in a civil suit but. He appears to be attempting to put the past behind him telling the EP last week as well that the subject of the moment. Is the subject I will never revisit again now asked for who he is following online right now he's following just eight accounts mostly sports related and. His lawyer David Card in your Roebuck and he always great to be review in the morning. But let's turn now to our chief legal analyst CNN's TV I just hired. Yeah I don't I. I had great to have you and we all of the book that you wrote there run of his like people vs OJ Simpson. Jeffrey good to have you get why why do this now he's kept a relatively low profile what's the point. We I think OJ Simpson loved being a celebrity more than any celebrity I ever encountered. He would spend his days at the Brentwood counting mart this this you know shopping mall in in Los Angeles. We're he would greet his public he just loved being in the public guy and greeting people. And he's trying to recapture that. Notwithstanding the fact that most people including very much a spit me. Think he killed Ron Goldman and Nicole Brown C make the point that he craves attention does he think he can change minds here you know I don't think so at this point he's 71 years old I think he recognizes. You know sort of weird most people think about him. But a lot of people are interested in him you know when he goes out in public a lot of people want to take self these. You know if I don't know that all of them. Are doing it out of affection they may be doing it more out of sort of bizarre curiosity. But you know he is a celebrity in many people's lives he's a free man he's paid his debt to society he's entitled to be on Twitter like anyone else. And a lot of people are entitled to block it has the area million Jeffrey look at were struck by what he set a got a little didn't even to do but that he also said I'm not talk about this LA thing so. Reconcile evidently he likes to troll people about he is given his history he knows that so many people think he's guilty. An end he says things to provoke. Which is I think understanding. That he will never change most people's minds. About about this case and about him. And there was a big racial divide at the time that you reported on way back then 25 years ago has that shifted at all we don't when I. The reason I think futures case has survived as an important cultural artifact is that it illuminate its nominee racial differences particularly about the relationship between African Americans and the police. You know even though people. They that OJ was regarded as a symbol. You know what we later learned. You know in Ferguson when the black lives matter movement that that contentious relationship between African Americans in the police is something that has not gone away. That's why the case indoors I think that's more important than which Jeffrey Toobin. ABC news victory created CNN festive and exciting one and often fact that I was on the very first show broadcast from this studio when my and we move on 67 street two and Robin Roberts business. Our then rules are now. Enron always great to see good this really the battle is far more arises tonight tonight. You manage your at least it.

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{"duration":"6:22","description":"The former football star instantly went viral with his cryptic message and used Twitter to respond to rumors he was romantically involved with Kris Jenner.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"63757880","title":"OJ Simpson joins Twitter, says he has 'getting even to do' ","url":"/GMA/News/video/oj-simpson-joins-twitter-63757880"}