Parents of Daunte Wright break silence after fatal shooting by police

Katie and Aubrey Wright and their attorneys Ben Crump and Jeff Storms discuss the death of their unarmed son during a traffic stop and how they are seeking justice.
8:02 | 04/13/21

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Transcript for Parents of Daunte Wright break silence after fatal shooting by police
We'll talk to them. Weaver joined by daunte's mother and father, Katie and Aubrey Wright along with their attorneys Ben crump and Jeff storms. Good morning to you all and, Mr. And Mrs. Wright, my family and I join many others in sending our condolences and hope you're getting the support you need to help you during this difficult time and we appreciate you spending some time with us this morning to talk about your son. Mrs. Wright, you said that your son, daunte, called you after he had been pulled over by the police. Can you please share with us what you all said to each other? He called me and he said, mom, I have just been pulled I said for what? He said they said they pulled me over because I had air fresheners hanging in the rearview mirror. I said take them down and then he said, he said, well, they're also asking for insurance and I said, well, when the police officer comes back up to the window, give them the phone and I can explain and give them all the insurance information. He said, okay. And then you the police officers came back up to the window and asked daunte to step out of the car and daunte said for what, am I in trouble? And the officer said we're going to explain that when you step out of the car, so -- they asked had him to put the phone down and I heard the phone getting put down pretty hard, whether it was on the floor, I don't know where he put the phone down and then I heard scuffling and the girl that was with him screaming and I heard an officer ask for them to hang up the phone and then I didn't hear anything I tried to call back three, three, four times and then the girl that was with him answered the phone and she said that they shot him and he was laying in the driver's seat unresponsive and then I heard an officer ask her to hang up the phone again and then after that was the last time I seen my son, I haven't seen him since. I'm so sorry. The anguish. Mrs. Wright, you were on the phone for so long with your son and it seemed at first that the things were under control. Do you have any idea how it escalated the way that it did? Why it escalated T way that it I don't know. I know my son was scared. He's afraid of the police. And I just seen and heard the fear in his voice but I don't know why and it should have never ever escalated the way it did. No, ma'am. And, Mr. Wright, how did you get word and what did police initially tell you about the shooting, sir? Well, I got word from my wife. She called me and she was screaming and telling me what was going on and I was -- you pknow, it was a normal day for us. We started off as a normal day. I haven't talked much to the police at all. They haven't given us any information. They pretty much haven't given us any information at all. We do know the police chief, he said he believes the shooting -- that the officer meant to shoot the taser, not her gun and that it was an accidental shooting. Do you accept that explanation, Mr. Wright? I cannot accept that. I lost my son. He's never coming back. I can't accept that a mistake that's -- that doesn't even sound right. You know, this officer has been on the force for 26 plus -- 26 years. I can't accept that. And, Mrs. Wright, we know that the mayor has called for this officer to be fired, to be relieved of her duties. What would you like to see happen, ma'am? I would like to see justice served and her held accountable for everything she's taken from us. And we do know that people are outraged as in the reports and we're seeing how people are upset, many people are upset that, again, another black man has lost his life at the hands of police. But you all have been consistent in calling for peace and calm. So, Mrs. Wright what, do you want to say to those who want to take to the streets on behalf of your son? I want to say thank you so much for the support and standing by us and making sure that my son's name has been heard and asking for justice and asking for that we -- that we get everything that we need out of this and making sure that my son's name doesn't get swept under the rug and forgot about. And do -- are you still calling for peace and still hoping they can do this protest in a peaceful manner? Yes. Mr. Crump, we know that you're there in Minnesota for the Derek chauvin trial, therefore, the Floyd family as you are now there with daunte's family and as daunte's father said, this police officer, 26 years, not a rookie, 26 years on the force, it was actually training another officer at the time. Sir, what has to take place for this to stop happening? Well, robin, as attorney storms and I learned last night that she was a training officer, and so it's not about training. It's about implicit bias, it's about giving the same respect and consideration to people of color that we give to white American citizens. We don't see these sort of things happening to white young people that we see happen over and over and over again to young marginalized minorities. They could have given him a ticket, given him a notice to show up, but just like in George Floyd they could have given him a ticket, they used the most force when it comes to dealing with marginalized minorities and we can't have these two Americas, one where we treat black Americans different from white Americans in policing. That's when it will stop when we start treating each other all the same. Same treatment and before we go, Mr. And Mrs. Wright, tell people about your son. Mrs. Wright, tell people what they should know about daunte. My son was an amazing, loving he had a big heart. He loved basketball. He had a 2-year-old son that's not going to be able to play basketball with him. He had sisters and brothers that he loved so much. He was an uncle, a grandson. He had a smile that would light up the room. It was so big and bright and he was just -- he was amazing and he's my son and he's never going -- he just had his whole life taken away from him. We had our hearts pulled out of our chests. He was my baby. Mr. And Mrs. Wright, thank you for your strength and being with us this morning and sharing about your son and, again, our hearts go out to you and thank you very much. Thank you. Please, please take care.

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{"duration":"8:02","description":"Katie and Aubrey Wright and their attorneys Ben Crump and Jeff Storms discuss the death of their unarmed son during a traffic stop and how they are seeking justice.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"77040115","title":"Parents of Daunte Wright break silence after fatal shooting by police","url":"/GMA/News/video/parents-daunte-wright-break-silence-fatal-shooting-police-77040115"}