Passengers improbably survive mountainside plane crash

The single-engine float plane with 11 people onboard crashed into Alaska's Mount Jumbo.
1:35 | 07/11/18

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Passengers improbably survive mountainside plane crash
N that amazing survival story. All 11 people onrd plane in Alaska making it out E ter it crashed into a moinside. S will Carr has thatstory. Reporter: 11ple milously walking a from the wreckage of this P cra on the side of a rugged alaskan mountain. From this aerial picture you can the plane surrounded by rocksa treacherous part of prince of Wales island in southeast alaska,eh still inta the propeller is twisted. The passengers shaken. No died after the single engine floatne on a flight plan set to land in ketchikan crashed into mt. O. The pilot immediately calling 911. Two coast G helicopters intooped in pushing through thick fog and low visibility, the crewssting ten passengers and the pilot up into a helicopter one by one. They're obviously excited to see us but equallys much we're excited to see them. Repor the survivors flown to the hospital. On remains in serious condition. The majorit th, have been treated and released. It truly says something to themunity here in Alaska and the American spirit THA people responded the way they did Y. Reporter: The NTSB is N investigating the cause of this crash and the operator of the plan cooperating and this morninere is a lot of credit being given Toh rescue crews and to the pil for getting everyonn to the groundaf Anda story they have to tell. Robin That's right, will. Thank goodness for those responders.

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{"duration":"1:35","description":"The single-engine float plane with 11 people onboard crashed into Alaska's Mount Jumbo.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"56505284","title":"Passengers improbably survive mountainside plane crash","url":"/GMA/News/video/passengers-improbably-survive-mountainside-plane-crash-56505284"}