3 popular travel vloggers die in waterfall accident

Authorities recovered bodies of Alexey Lyakh, Ryker Gamble and Megan Scraper after the three plunged 100-feet from Shannon Falls, north of Vancouver, Canada.
3:31 | 07/06/18

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Transcript for 3 popular travel vloggers die in waterfall accident
Bute're G to turn now that adven travel tragedy. Three friends and social media stars who millions of followers are part of a deadly accident in onef north Erica's high rfalls. Whit Johnson is here with the story. Good morning, whit Reporteood morning.these popular vloggersreeing remembered to are the fearless ventures and videos. Their fatal fall happening in rugged terrain and S rocks. Authorities ING those trying to Gett perfect cture. Their por vloggers known for their invigong thrill seeking videos from boogying in Bali to cliff jumping in the caribbean. High on lif documents their adventures encouraging people T get out and explore the world. The group witore than a millionollowers on Instagram T this morning one of latest expedit taking a tr turn. Two of theupmbers, alexey lyakh and Ryker gambl along with lyakh's girlfriend Megan scraper killed after they pld 100 feet from one of Canada's tallest waterfalls. Trouble began at Shannon falls tues when scraper slipped T. The two men trying to help her but were also overcome B the raging curr They went into one the pooltems that is up there to swimming three O them were walking along of the E of where the pool is and slipped and fell. Reporter: The group'fellow members speaking out onoss in a new video ovnight. They sillived E single day to its fullest and stood for courage, positivitnd living the best life you Rter: Now raising questions overhether INET S are going too far to go VI high on life's videos frequency ghlightingigh risk vities. Like this daring balcony dive.and this video lyakh P just last week, a daredevil walk down a 300-foot-high abandoned trestle bridge. Thoup seemingly eloyeding itself on pushing the limbs. Even occaslly breaking the la two years ago lyakh and gble pleaded Ty tong Arone in a closed area of yellowstone nation park spending seven days in jail. Officials ritish Columbia where trio fell now issuing a warning to potential copycats hopi to prevent future tragedies from being others aim tt perfect ne image. Given the extensive water flow that comes off the mountains and the number O incidents we've had here people need toe prepared. But group hoping vie take the trio's S, not THR deaths,s the real lesson. Get out of your comfo op looking forsons why you caand start looking for ons why you can. And authorities were able find their bodies using an rwater camera after nearly O ys O searching. They're investigating what the group was doingnd wheth they were filming at the time the accident. Whit,ou said in the piece officie warning visitors to be mor careful becausehey see more and more peo taking chances inse areas. Authorities saying that area specifiyhey're actually seeing a increasing number of people taking those risks, venturing outside the safe areas going T more risky areadaying there is a growing conceight now that people tryin get that perfect picture, it's leading to a higher number ofple putting their ownivesn danger and the L of others. Ably. Trying to create the next step. Exactly. Fortunatelydidn't work out in this case. Thank youy much.

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{"duration":"3:31","description":"Authorities recovered bodies of Alexey Lyakh, Ryker Gamble and Megan Scraper after the three plunged 100-feet from Shannon Falls, north of Vancouver, Canada. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"56401992","title":"3 popular travel vloggers die in waterfall accident","url":"/GMA/News/video/popular-travel-vloggers-die-waterfall-accident-56401992"}