Powerful storm moving from West to East

Sixteen states, from Arizona to Massachusetts, are under snow, flood and ice alerts.
1:48 | 12/28/19

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Transcript for Powerful storm moving from West to East
Good morning, and let's get right to our top story. A major storm moving west to east smack in the middle of the holiday travel rush. Yes. The storm already dumped feet of snow in California. Look at these people digging out in Los Angeles county. As the storm barrels east it is covering highways with ice, several crashes reported from the Texas panhandle up to Nebraska. And as we come on the air, the storm is strengthening, 16 states from Arizona to Massachusetts are under snow, flood and ice alerts. We can see damaging winds in some spots today, maybe even a tornado. Let's kick things off with rob who's in Glendale, Arizona, following all of it. Rob, good morning to you. Good morning, whit. We're here to kick off the college football playoffs. More on that a second. Talk about the weather. Huge impacts, going coast to coast. This snow video three feet in Los Angeles county mountains and all headed to the precursor of that freezing drizzle. Even having heavy precip along I-95 near gray, Maine, shutting down the intestate for a while and winter storm warnings that are in effect and now an ice storm warning for part, of southern Minnesota. So every mix you've got in this as this low cranks up through the plains we could see blizzard conditions on the cold side of this, likely a foot of snow in spots and the on the warm side where that heat has built up across the southeast, severe storms and likely tornado warnings. And through Tennessee and Kentucky valleys and then that rain and moisture gets into the northeast, where there will be just enough cold air for icing mix across parts of new England for a Monday morning commute that is not going to be good. We'll get to "College gameday." And holiday travelers trying

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{"duration":"1:48","description":"Sixteen states, from Arizona to Massachusetts, are under snow, flood and ice alerts.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"67956013","title":"Powerful storm moving from West to East","url":"/GMA/News/video/powerful-storm-moving-west-east-67956013"}