Remaining 2020 candidates campaign ahead of crucial caucuses

Montana Governor Steve Bullock has dropped out of the crowded Democratic field but 16 candidates are still barnstorming Iowa with a few weeks until the caucus.
2:59 | 12/02/19

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Transcript for Remaining 2020 candidates campaign ahead of crucial caucuses
Now, of course to the race in 2020. Another candidate dropping out. Steve bullock joins the 12 others but the field remains crowded. 16 are still in the race and now the top contenders are barnstorming across Iowa with just a few weeks left before the first big test there. Our Eva pilgrim is there and, Eva, Joe Biden is hoping to get a boost with a new bus tour with an unusual but classic Biden name. Reporter: That's right. Mary. Joe Biden's launching his biggest push yet here in Iowa with this right here, the bus. He is calling it the that malarkey bus tour and he says he came here because he knows he has to show up in order to earn votes and that's what we're seeing from a lot of candidates here as they try to get face time with voters. This morning, the battle for Iowa with just nine weeks until the Iowa caucuses, the democratic candidates out in full force. Former vice president Joe Biden and senator Elizabeth Warren have been leading in Iowa but the latest polling in the hawkeye state shows the competition heating up. The most recent de men register poll putting mayor Pete buttigieg on top. Andrew yang -- Bernie Sanders. Joe Biden. Reporter: Voters being bombarded with the candidates' pitches. Over 5,000 ads airing just this week including this buttigieg ad about limiting tuition-free We should move to make college affordable for everybody. That's some voices saying, well, that doesn't count unless you go even further unless it's free for the kids of millionaires. I only want to make promises we can keep. Reporter: Alexandria ocasio-cortez slamming the front-runner tweeting this is a GOP talking point used to dismantle public systems and it's sad to see a DEM candidate adopt it. Meanwhile, Biden kicking off an eight-day, 18-county, 800-mile road trip across the state. Making stops in many rural communities. We're going to win this race. We're going to beat Donald Trump and I promise you we're going to change America. Reporter: And Warren trying a new campaign tactic at a town hall. She took questions from the crowd after speaking for just eight minutes. I was wondering if there was ever a time in your life where somebody you really looked up to maybe didn't accept you as much. Reporter: Leading to this emotional moment with a young You got to take care of yourself first and do this. Give me a hug. Reporter: And this morning some of those candidates are feeling the pressure with less than two weeks to qualify. Just six of those 16 candidates in the crowded field of democratic hopefuls have made the cut for the next debate. Mary. Eva, thank you. It is going to be quite the sprint over the next few weeks.

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{"duration":"2:59","description":"Montana Governor Steve Bullock has dropped out of the crowded Democratic field but 16 candidates are still barnstorming Iowa with a few weeks until the caucus.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"67433360","title":"Remaining 2020 candidates campaign ahead of crucial caucuses","url":"/GMA/News/video/remaining-2020-candidates-campaign-ahead-crucial-caucuses-67433360"}