Rep. Eric Swalwell on his 2020 presidential bid: Full 'GMA' Interview

The California lawmaker tells ABC News' George Stephanopoulos what sets him apart from the pack of 2020 Democratic presidential candidates.
4:21 | 04/09/19

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Transcript for Rep. Eric Swalwell on his 2020 presidential bid: Full 'GMA' Interview
Here than his democratic candidate for president congressman Eric swallow thanks for coming in particular this morning fear the eighteenth Democrat. In the race what sets you apart from the pack. I'm someone who grew up seeing parents live paycheck to paycheck went I was caught my mom raised four borders had a number of different jobs they believe they worked hard enough. I could be the first in the family or college. That paid off I worked as a prosecutor went to congress and even today with two kids under two campaign off just under 100000 dollars in student on that's when know what people work hard. I see the people. Who just are running in place it's not adding up I also bring I think generational optimism that we can still solve some of these big problems. If Washington was just political big on the issues people but the solutions and do good beginning governing. I bring experience of 38 years old but I've been on the intelligence committee I know were threats are from the outside. I know what threats to the rule of law on the inside me and I think that mix well while that promise of America work hard. Do better for yourself cream bigger for kids. To be reached for all Americans Bernie finished Joseph Biden twice your age ritual now an actual that I think you know if that's really not mind set in do you understand. What's happening with automation and globalization and the skills that the next generation needs to soar in exceed. You know what is going on in this economy and I do because I lived it I'm living it. I've led a group called future Foreman congress our youngest members of congress going across the country CNET student loan debt for example it's never really. I've been a top issue in the presidential. Campaigns it's going to be for me. Forty million people one point three trillion dollars in student on pet. We're proposing 0% interest on student loans also for employers to contribute tax free. To their employees to kill sort of a gun control a big issue proposing a mandatory buy back. Of of automatic weapons. You wouldn't look you're ass which he should they care about the most they always put guns. Near the bottom. That's changing. You know the number one cause the number one cause of death for black child in America today is gun violence. It's starting to you know. Rise to the top and we saw. You know after Parkland Americans are saying I don't want my kids to have to live in fear and their classroom even if they're not a victim of gun violence. Just being paralyzed. By fear is he sitting across from some fear that Somoza commending her and the return of the next mass shooting. Because Washington does nothing and that are using the change until we make that a top but he concerned at all that a proposal like the buyback is gonna cost you support creative backlash. This is like Pennsylvania Michigan State's Democrats need to win you know I'm I'm town folks. Keep your rifles keep your shotguns keep your pistols we just want the most dangerous weapons on the hands of most dangerous people. Most gun owners. Belief that. We just not have the courage to stand up and fight for you probably best known for your role on the House Intelligence Committee speaking out about presidential and Russia. He didn't suggest he's a Russian agents saying he's betrayed our country any concern. He took it too far. Nokia acts on Russia's behalf too often puts her priorities had a farce diminishes the role that NATO should play which reduces. The role in the world to be a track on Russia and ultimately it costs us more in what we have to spend. On military spending here at home. Just because he willing criminally indicted doesn't mean that he met the standard of conduct that we should expect. From a president or candidate Chris what do you expect to see from. I think didn't see that this president his family his team. Did not say no air anytime they are offered information by the Russians and eagerly. Asked the Russians to keep bringing more with the candidates at a press conference and said Russia if you're listening she packing and then once they came into power. Took actions to help the Russians would do sanctions. Hold us out of Syria really trash as NATO any chance he gets. That's what the Russians want whether there was an inch agreement or not did he says Robert Mueller could not reach conclusion apparently that rose to the level with conspiracy. That's right but that's a different standard than what we want from a president Lance sits and also most importantly. The Russians are gonna do this again in the 2020 election and we want to know what there how they did it who they worked with what we need to do was a government to protect against it. We'd see that formal reports. You mention your parents at the top of this interview the vote Republican vote and most from Brooks and your Brothers as well I guess they have the trump tends. Magnet on the refrigerator bets are hoping that comes down before you have elaborate on their vote yes dad I'm still working I don't get theirs first verified and get them I think I can get probably anyone in America. Eric's well thanks for coming in this morning my pleasure thank.

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{"duration":"4:21","description":"The California lawmaker tells ABC News' George Stephanopoulos what sets him apart from the pack of 2020 Democratic presidential candidates.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"62269042","title":"Rep. Eric Swalwell on his 2020 presidential bid: Full 'GMA' Interview","url":"/GMA/News/video/rep-eric-swalwell-2020-presidential-bid-full-gma-62269042"}