Residents 'trapped on roofs and in vehicles' as Hurricane Florence nears coast

First responders in North Carolina are scrambling to rescue residents stranded due to raging flood waters caused by Hurricane Florence.
3:29 | 09/14/18

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Transcript for Residents 'trapped on roofs and in vehicles' as Hurricane Florence nears coast
Would you want to go to amber Parker right now she's a public information officer for craven county which is. Within that county where newborn is located and if ever we're hearing so many terrible reports about New -- what do you now. When I know right now is that we have extreme flooding and storm surge in net neighbor and other areas of craven county Allen had slaughter recchi had started yesterday we rescue people from that can't field. Harbor Bay Area part of New Bern which had him to creek and township cannon which were in keeping with our interest to water rescued action on a though there are some areas now we're just that they try to reach. And we saw that there are at least a 150 people that the city of New Bern put out. That are still in desperate need of rescuing do you imagine that that number has grown other a lot of people who are neither of their restaurant right now which. There are until coming and I don't have an exact number of how many people I do you know that we have. The year of 100 calls for assistance. In and talk a little bit nothing re sources that you know how we understand there are two out of state FEMA teams that are there to assist you. What other resources you have to to help those folks that are in need right now. We have the National Guard and we actually have different Trotter rescue teams that are here to listen statue we have close out their contract to do additional that are distraction on every here. I didn't have to wait until the weather conditions permit them to you making your safely. And it out. How desperate is a situation there in the room. I would hate certain areas of new burn our our very desperate there. I'm are people that can be capped a watery vehicles on the bridge to combat this situation for anyone we do have. I can understand there are people that are trapped on groups. To people in our chat diaries dominant vehicles and ended vehicles. Yes. How that is horrible well how are very very have you guys been able to get to those people or what's the situation. I don't have to follow up information on all of the calls there are some I know we have made it you an others where they've been rescued by other. Other agency or individual there private businesses who rescued him people's. Indians has made these are people who just were trying to get out last minute. People who were just trapped in their houses and decided to go to the rooftops. Bsc I have of them within just did you get to the highest thank you get terrorist topic at hand. And how they communicate with. With you have with your with your authentic calling 911. How are they getting their fair their message across they need help. Some are calling nine what we also have our vision bank's online here at the emergency operations center. Where a lot of the calls are coming in which some reports are coming through social media. And can lead in VW other municipalities agency flexes the power situation like craven county. There's widespread power outages they don't have specific theory of the court very but I do know they're here is thought to various engraving count each. That are without power and have been without power of story number of hours. Once again we're talking with the amber Parker who is in need director and public information officer. Craven county. There and that this is a hard hit area. An amber we're looking at some of the images that we have seen that have been truly troubling. Including at least one house fire there those are among the calls that you're getting. I had hit hundred architecture fired. Yeah and that's a that's a really tough thing to be fighting in these early morning hours.

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{"duration":"3:29","description":"First responders in North Carolina are scrambling to rescue residents stranded due to raging flood waters caused by Hurricane Florence.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"57820107","title":"Residents 'trapped on roofs and in vehicles' as Hurricane Florence nears coast","url":"/GMA/News/video/residents-trapped-roofs-vehicles-hurricane-florence-nears-coast-57820107"}