Robert Blake’s daughter opens up 2 decades after mom’s death

Rose Lenore, 19, is opening up in People magazine for the first time to “set the story straight” about the Hollywood murder mystery that tore her family apart.
4:08 | 10/17/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Robert Blake’s daughter opens up 2 decades after mom’s death
Back now with an ABC news exclusive brought to us by "People" magazine. The daughter of actor Robert Blake speaking publicly for the first time about her mother's murder. Blake was charged and acquitted in the case and Paula Faris sat down with the now 19-year-old to talk about what she calls a traumatic childhood. Good morning. Traumatic indeed. So many have spoken for rose Lenore over the years. Now 19 and getting ready to pursue a career in acting, rose says she's finally ready to publicly talk about her parents' murder mystery and answer those questions herself. Robert Blake was one of Hollywood's biggest names famous for his Emmy winning role in the hit detective show "Baretta." But all that changed in 2002 when he was arrested. Wife of actor Robert Blake. Wife of actor Robert Blake. Was killed Friday. Reporter: Accuseed of killing his wife outside a popular restaurant. The trial captivated the nation and caught in the middle was the couple's 11-month-old daughter rose Lenore. Now nearly two decades later, Lenore speaking out for the first time. What do you recall about your mother? Nothing. You have no memories of her? No, not at all. I don't even like remember what she looks like. Reporter: The 19-year-old opening up in "People" magazine for the first time to, quote, set the story straight about the Hollywood murder mystery that tour her family apart. Rose was this little baby who basically lost both of her parents right away. Robert's daughter with a former wife eventually legally adopted her and they formed this family unit where rose called them mom and dad. You have this ordinary life inside. Were you just trying to hold it together. I think so, yeah. I felt a bit like there were two parts of me, one of them is, you know, trying to kind of recover from what happened when I was young and trying to sort through the complicated family that I have and then one of them is just a normal teenage girl. Not guilty. Reporter: In 2005 he was acquitted of murder but the damage done to his family was irreparable. Lenore says she decided to reach out to Blake over the summer. 18 years after her mother's murder. I felt ready. I don't think I did before. I was nervous. I had a lot of questions and I wanted to get to know him for who he is now. What kind of questions did you have for him? Just what was I like as a kid? I mean, those kinds of questions and how was your life growing up and we went through old photos together and pictures from like my birthday Pears when I was little. Did you ever ask about what happened the night that your mother was murdered? No. And I specifically asked him not to tell me. So if your father truly murdered your mother you don't want to know. I don't want to know. You don't want any resolution to that? Not right now. I don't think I'm ready, you know. It's -- and that sounds crazy, I feel like anyone would want to know the answer. I think I've gone 19 years not knowing. If all of a sudden I know whether or not he killed her that would be shocking. Do you want to believe that your dad did not kill your mom? Of course. Yeah. Do you have any idea who may have done it? Does your mind ever wander? Not at all. Do you want to know one day the truth? Someday if it's ever an option. Her father Robert Blake has always maintained his innocence. He's 86 and lives in the California area. Rose told me she visited her mother's grave for the very first time a few months ago. I everything aed her what she would tell that little girl, 11 months old who lost her mother and she says, been through a lot, but I would tell her that it's going to be okay. But a lot to grow up with there. A whole lot. Strong lady. She really is. "People" magazine as well. "People" magazine, we want to thank "People" magazine for bringing us the story. The issue on newsstands this Friday. Brave young girl for finally coming out and answering those questions herself Bless her heart. Coming up our "Play of the day."

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{"duration":"4:08","description":"Rose Lenore, 19, is opening up in People magazine for the first time to “set the story straight” about the Hollywood murder mystery that tore her family apart.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"66339668","title":"Robert Blake’s daughter opens up 2 decades after mom’s death","url":"/GMA/News/video/robert-blakes-daughter-opens-decades-moms-death-66339668"}