What it's like running for mayor as a 22-year-old 1st-time female candidate in Ohio

First-time candidate Tiff Piko, 22, decided to make history in her hometown.
18:31 | 01/17/20

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Transcript for What it's like running for mayor as a 22-year-old 1st-time female candidate in Ohio
I am may twenty year old running for mayor in my hometown of Lancaster Ohio and I'm also the first woman to run for married in Lancaster. It's really while bad it's between nineteen and Lancaster has yet to see if a woman run for office you know and a woman form air Karen. Let's understaffed by saying thank you so much for coming out tonight expansion on such short notice to Daewoo would be covering. Likely democratic voters so there should be no hostility. This much. Everywhere in the book. Piano at super nerve wracking. My three main platforms are an inclusive Lancaster that supports every citizen recycling and Citi infrastructure. And as well as changing fees sigma and narrative around drug use and drug abuse. I'm only slightly. Brown skinned and living in Lancaster is like sometimes weird it was I was a fox kind of scared and excited. Yeah. Trying to support this again. The latest on the streets need you reputation completely off. So obviously I'm not certainly double figure. Night. I I was born in this community who had just in either so many people who know me a personal level and I just delayed an island. There are a lot of people who want to see more people involved. And governments. And more people want to see younger people. Involved in the government. I was thrilled that she's tired of the same London run for mayor. Tiffany understood so quickly education should not be seen as somehow separate from light. And he Sheen really sort of sophisticated. Understanding at the same time that's he's not. And she's able to relate to people. And you know. Using her business and building have business to pay have way. School is an incredibly inspiring. Maybe. If that's how I see leadership these days. Not letting your circumstances getting in the way of achieving a problem. It's like having did you do when you're an extra this is final a lot of paperwork. A lot of the questions they ask you are things that just don't try to meet what investments and assets to your own site on on a house not married. Albums has actually going really really quickly. If I lose this election I so when and other ways. Because I'm the first woman a person of color to run for mayor. Hopefully this breaks down at least some barriers so that other people can run for office. I. My connections beyond suit is that. It relates to the yellow dress the young contrasts of people from Ireland. Okay. Okay. Nazr an Asian person in this idea of being a yellow person. Com and kind of taking back that word to be my own. And then also kind of becoming Lancaster is yellow kid through this isn't. Four I had announced I was running. I didn't even considered immigrants are being issued. You know and that was one thing my mom warned me about before I ran from this. This is something that people are familiar with and that you should be prepared to take and that's fair criticism. There is negativity becomes less and hardships that come when. Running profits. Sometimes it feels. So impossible. What as a twenty year old girl think she's doing running for mayor for hometown. Negative criticism can really weighed down. As as a man myself that I am when I'm working for. Thank goodness Lauren he. Incredible support network and a half without them there's no way that any of us would be possible. So one of the endorsement that I have is through first ask. Which is a political organization. Whose mission is to endorse woman her running for office for the first time. I really wouldn't be able to run for office and wasn't for this endorsement that they provide a lot of guidance. A lot of advice. Definitely some of the evacuate feed their diet she can't win because she is a Democrat running at the heavily Republican Betty but aren't but I think that. She was also kind yet earth woman marriage and him out that sort of a scary here. OK but I'm. I don't know if fiercely running. I don't want to staple. He's done for them. Drop your. Not as bad as my thing. But we still do with race or color shoes every day. Mom mom mom and over again. Hearing actually. Song I'm. Tiffany is stated that you don't need a lot of its. Experience to run a campaign for mayor and I didn't have any experience at all I ran two years ago so that's probably true. I don't bet if any one time she came into my office and interview me a number of months ago. I know that she hero here she ran track with my granddaughter high school and that's pretty much all over. I have not observed any efforts on her part to campaign war. He thinks she's done. Do it out there and. Yes I was a huge accident. I didn't find out about events though. Maybe last week and so adding get a notification on it and it just suspended the domain account. But it's looking. Little under two X exactly to the Election Day. I'm so nervous about it. Yeah. I was inflated as a member of the business being in Lancaster to mentor high school students this is the first time that's. Settler and I have been in the same room us. Since February canopy like him entering into mayor sensors territory. On its downtown. Views are a lot of very established well to do business owners and Lancaster Perez nicer but tends to be different people on the outside and and so is behind us. Then life. Yes. NIC. I'm glad you're gonna comment. The second time I ever had an interaction with her. So I probably wouldn't recognize her without earning today. I thought I sessions and other student. Mayor it was never my bucket list I was talked into running from there we've we pay our dress bus drivers 950 an hour which is embarrassing. We need to get that out. More jobs more high paying jobs more residential opportunities. Across the whole spectrum of income so this election is kind of quiet I'm actually concentrating on. The we have an income tax increases in income tax increase on the ballot in November. So that's been my focus to get that passed and I've been out doing a lot of presentations. And meetings about. Informing the public as to the need for city income tax trees. Yes since the last time I saw you it's a semblance ago. I feel like a totally new person. I think that Tiffany's and had a very naive idea of how all. Politics where. Excess at a local level. Because the women I saw Lancaster and running for office. Was very lake small town. I don't kind of like Gilmore Girls esque kind of where it's very rich very me and I rhinos each other and there's there's no one trying to start up. Anything that. And aids in the world's go to different. And urban San tight. Months trying to cover ranks to make sure that I had enough working hours so much. Kenny. One of my biggest places I think more people should run for office. And and like regular people it's really great when people who are really passionate things just get out there and trying. Attract I hope more it's that's happened. And. I'm getting nervous. I did not sleep at all there's a big day. It's. Thank you sometimes feel that age and experiences. What we need by the event rather you. Have voted to contend. I go with party. More than knowing personally. Warren. Says she is now look. It does not shock me is this the first time they've been TV about me. Does not track needed. Seubert. Really truly surreal thing I'm Alan. You know. Yeah ask me. Older and I hope. That's still there. And I forget that I twenty years old. That somebody came appeared. The day of election. It's a couple hours at the party got a 730 check. The results. Ended. Waiting for the live feed the Primakov this past 730 but it hasn't updated yet I just graduated. Its election. And in seventh exits units. Honestly means equity bailing out. Seeing the New England announced it. That's a look at it. My biggest concern it is whether the income tax increase passes. As RNC and here. I don't have any concerns linger. I think it was Hungary got right well. Your business. Highways and how it is sitting in 3% of but it might. And then centers affiliates and 2%. And the unions. But ninth and out and very happy. Goings of. Who has 5% of movie and I am 72%. In my honest morning. I don't anticipate it changing. No person was he does my factory. Numbers right now three what. Voted yesterday. Such as if it. We've had one. Believe it yeah. I know. Kind of and then emling I don't know I don't. It's 1030. It. Parties wrapped up it appears. Election is pretty much decided. And 50% of the precincts counted about 71. Point nine I think. I was happy that it Tiffany enter the race. It's always good to see young people all city government and I hope he doesn't let it drop out. Do you send it because it is freezing. And and then go home. To present. In the country. Oh. 14100. It from the. So we do it and but. Area and the clintons and now we add. Hardy annual Susan and England coming down. Like I knew people are excited to see. Because. As the personal lives on it. But lake it really didn't hit me until tonight that. This is the first time a woman has ever done this. And people where it's headed that's so cool. You know there have supported this who wanted this. And it's time. I. In.

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{"duration":"18:31","description":"First-time candidate Tiff Piko, 22, decided to make history in her hometown. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"68287578","title":"What it's like running for mayor as a 22-year-old 1st-time female candidate in Ohio","url":"/GMA/News/video/running-mayor-22-year-1st-time-female-candidate-68287578"}