Russia warns US about possible Syria strike

ABC News' David Muir reports from Lebanon on new signs in the region that air strikes could happen soon.
4:03 | 04/13/18

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Transcript for Russia warns US about possible Syria strike
Now to the other Maj developing story, rus is now warning the united stat about that possible strike in Syria after the suspected Che tack that left dozens dead. The U.N. Security counill meet about it this morning. And "World news tonight" anchor David Muir is there for us. Repr: Here in region they are definitely bracing for sort of military strike. They know that there back in the United States met with his top national security advisers, his national sec team I last 24 hours but asyou mentioned, just this morning, infa a short time ago the russiansing out and now they ha irrefutable proof that the chemical attack in douma was setup despitehe horror already seen by the wothey are the faces of the children, families hit with the suspected chel attack thatrified the world. And this morning, with pressure ting, presidtrump at his nasal security team and key lies are N carefully debating strategy and the level of pro on ground. Ho S and when with the lead of Britain and frajs teg the preside they too believe something mus be done. This morning, signs air strikesld be coming and soon, a U destroyer is already in the mediterranean. British aift and french warplanes here to a French warshipht the coast here in Lon while inside a, images showing sad's forces and the Russian forces supporting them suting something is coming and soon now Mo military assets to prep for any possible the last 24 hours the Russians remaining firm. After already sending in their own inspectors trying to convince the world despite those chilli images, there was no Al attack. W 100% sure THA was a clear provocation, forexam white helmets, we are absolutely sure were involved. Reporter: I Washington president trump meeting behind closed doors with his national security team late Thursday, just dayser the president told the world I tweet, get ready, missi T nice and new a S are coming. Butft meet with his own ns secretary, James Mattis who is urging caution, thehite has been made. The president talking with his counterparts in France and the uk, bririme minister Theresa may says thee mmitted taking closely together. French president Emmanuel mar now saying public T they have unspeed proof O the ck a least chlorine was and from prent trump said missiles were Ming, more cautious tone in the last 24 hours. See what happen, folks. L see what happens. It's bad that the worlds us in a position like that. Reporter: Likely influenced by his own national security team. Todayurresident did say that he's not M decision. Orter: And perhaps the realstion here Thi morning, Syria considenother one of thesesolated air strikes like what we saw about year ago, a relatively small price to pay given the significant G theyade in Syria against the rebels. Take a look. They're quite tng from the last 24 hours. That's bashar Al Assad meetiwith the Iranians of Damascus. You canee the spies on their faces and in douma where that suted chemil attack took placere are rep the Syrian flag is now flying again. Can you give us a sense of the atmospherere in Beirut wh yare? Reporter: Well,hey're certainly bracing particularly Ven the words from president trump about miss co, new, smart missiles,e ready for them. They're on the B Ian tell you independent inspectors were here in Beirut I the last 24 hours we've now learned they made their way Damascus and arrived and expected to go to the St as you know the big question several days afthat alleged attack what kf evidence, what kind of proof will they be abl That is the question. You'll have more Fors later and, of course, also tonight O "World news tonight." Thank you.

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{"duration":"4:03","description":"ABC News' David Muir reports from Lebanon on new signs in the region that air strikes could happen soon.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"54439416","title":"Russia warns US about possible Syria strike","url":"/GMA/News/video/russia-warns-us-syria-strike-54439416"}