Samsung delays release of foldable smart phone

The phone that folds out into the size of a small tablet had issues with its display, the company said.
1:57 | 04/23/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Samsung delays release of foldable smart phone
Linsey, thanks very much. Setback for Samsung. They are delaying the release of nearly $2,000 foldable fine after complaints of screens breaking. ABC's janai Norman has more. A lot not so happy about it. Good morning. Samsung promised us a phone that folds into the size of a small tablet all for the principally sum, $2,000. Well, it appears the phone is not quite ready for prime time. Test users reported all sorts of problems with the foal. Debris getting underneath the screen malfunctioning displays, even total failure of the device after just couple days of basic usage then the problem of users removing the protective layer of off the screen thinking it was a simple screen protector but this layer is not to be removed and Samsung promises to be more clear about that and introduced the foal to much fanfare back in February and seen as a game changer in an industry that's become stag annapolis, its screen expanding to more than 7 inches, but these images not as pretty as the ones Samsung showed us at that announcement. Not quite so nice looking there. Certainly not what the company nor users expected. Yeah, if you're going to pay 2,000 bucks for a phone it should work. Samsung isn't giving up saying they'll still release it at some point soon. A phone that costs $2,000 should make calls for you, send emails for you. Acknowledging improvements must be made, all Samsung would say is to fully evaluate this feedback we have collided to delay the release of the galaxy fold and plan to announce the release date in the coming weeks. It's anyone's guess when it will arrive. When it does we hope it is worth every penny. Or the piece comes down. Somewhere I hear my parents laughing right now. $2,000 phone. I hear you, mom and dad.

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{"duration":"1:57","description":"The phone that folds out into the size of a small tablet had issues with its display, the company said.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"62570557","title":"Samsung delays release of foldable smart phone","url":"/GMA/News/video/samsung-delays-release-foldable-smart-phone-62570557"}