Shooting in New Jersey leaves 6 dead

Two men shot and killed New Jersey police detective Joseph Seals then took three hostages who were killed in a firefight before the suspects were shot and killed by police.
3:01 | 12/11/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Shooting in New Jersey leaves 6 dead
spring is right around the corner. Not really. The latest on that deadly shootout in New Jersey the that left four innocent people dead. Police exchanging a barrage of bullets with the suspect during the hours' long standoff and Adrienne Bankert is in Jersey City with the latest. Good morning, Adrienne. Reporter: Good morning. You can see the devastation behind us of this kosher market. The jewish community is grieving. I got to tell you being here yesterday and seeing all of the police presence, I've never seen anything like this. It did look like a war zone and now Jersey City rocked by the deadly chain of events. The first glimpse of the aftermath inside that jewish market. The epicenter of that deadly shootout. It began at this cemetery a little less than a while away when detective Joseph seals tried to question to men. They opened fire killing seals and fleeing in a rented moving truck that had been reported armed with high-powered rifles they drove to a hasidic community where they entered the kosher market and started firing. All units are to maintain cover. Reporter: The neighborhood turns into a war zone. Local police, S.W.A.T. Teams and ATF and FBI all taking cover and roaming rooftops. Never before in my life. It was like a war zone. Those were big, big gun. Here it goes again. Reporter: As it raged on for more than four hours terrified residents ran to safety with their hands in the air. All you heard was another hail of gunfire. Reporter: 46 local schools on lockdown. When someone said get down we all ran to the side of the room. That's where it all started. We started crying and running. Reporter: Finally the all clear, word the suspects had been killed. They discovered three other bodies, either customers or workers. The mayor of Jersey City is the first to suggest it may have been a targeted attack but mayor de Blasio says this shows a growing pattern of violent anti-semitism is growing. Running into the arms of their parents. Seals leaves behind five children. This morning he's being remembered for his bravery. He was our leading police officer in removing guns from the street. And mayor de Blasio also did say that he not only will have more New York police at key locations throughout the jewish community but will be announcing further measures today. In his tweeted statement he says we must aggressively and decisively stop anti-semitism. No question about that. Thanks very much.

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{"duration":"3:01","description":"Two men shot and killed New Jersey police detective Joseph Seals then took three hostages who were killed in a firefight before the suspects were shot and killed by police.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"67649628","title":"Shooting in New Jersey leaves 6 dead","url":"/GMA/News/video/shooting-jersey-leaves-dead-67649628"}